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The masses is stridden vacate 3.2 VS Leikesasi IS300

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If you have 400 thousand yuan of above buyCarBudget, and feel againBMWOrAo DiToo too ostentatious, that brand image is in China the market not too of dazzlingThe massesAndLeikesasiTwo intermediate cars deserve a consideration it seems that, these two it is technically private the model that the person that drive plans, should be those do not like BMW 3 departments orAo DiThe choice of A4 consumer.

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The masses is stridden vacate 3.2
Car picture

Leikesasi IS300

Setting: Two cars interest is not actually little

Although into the masses to Chinese market newest and intermediate car is called to stride,vacate, but consumer knows, its real name calls Pasate B6 actually. Although there are a certain number of many brands, paragraph models below people standard, but POLO, golf, Pasate still is his the brunt model in European market, their stand or fall affects popular to promote directly decline. 2006, pasate B6 is as high as 331414 in the sales volume of European market, tall house is intermediateCar cityFirst of field, rank second BMW more than 3 departments 40 thousand.

Although the entrance strode the price that rises 3.2FSI model to achieve four hundred and twenty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, but the configuration that sees it is odd, engine of 3.2 litres of V6 FSI, DSG gear-box, 4MOTION intelligence full-time 4 drive, these products that represent masses latest technology go to be stridden now completely vacate a body. Sa of German edition handkerchief is special B6 3.2 V6 FSI model of 4 drive DSG starts the price is 36110 euro, high-end model price is 38444 euro, add up to a RMB about 36.11 ~ three hundred and eighty-four thousand five hundred yuan, with home market four hundred and twenty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan price differs not to calculate too big.

LeikesasiIS300 is introductory class model of Leikesasi, regard a motile as intermediate car, it rises from the first day when be born with respect to the example that with BMW 3 departments regard him as, this also is generation Leikesasi the reason that 3 departments of style of a lot of designs and BMW are close to IS series very much.

To accord with the taste of Chinese consumer, leikesasi rolls out IS300 model for Chinese market designedly, on platoon quantity, this embarks with homebred
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