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Luxurious vehicle is right definitely 745i of BMW of contrast of Ao Di A8 4.2

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Our comparative test greeted last decisive battle now, that isAo DiA8 4.2 TDI Quattro andBMW Between 745i right definitely. High-tech, still have vast engine power, natural to them be nothing difficult.

Car pictureCar picture

745i of BMW of Ao Di A8 4.2 TDI Quattro

Mix at Munich in these last interpose between Yinggeerdate wonderful right definitely, undoubted dispute often is worth show of watched a respond to a curtain call: These two had with fashionable dress V8 leads the luxurious litter of engine of derv of sex of turbine pressure boostCar, those who move pole comes is costly, and, regard length of 5 meters of automobile body as this one levelCaradmiral model, the dynamical altogether that they add up twice achieved 1450 Newton rice.

Between this, Ao DiThe torque that place of A8 4.2 TDI allocates is 650Nm, meanwhile, BMW 745d gets 750Nm over there the crankshaft from it. Be in face-to-face among dynamical contrast test, the each other of these two cars that comes from German Bai Enzhou does not let, when Cong Jing stops to start quickly, they as the beast of prey that appear same, drastically rushs forth, and it is shoulder to shoulder all the time advancement almost, meanwhile, the diplomat with the steady seasoned like performance of travel is same, ad cool-headed and sober.

Car pictureCar picture

In tremendous engine cover child below, they used the motor of automatic eject technology then, the job rises, face of for love or money, not only motive force is powerful, and reaction is sharp, hold accuse smooth. In the interior of the car, two competitors can be a passenger come from engine,
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