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Jun Yue and imperial crown exterior are comfortable piece

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Grave appearance, wideCarBody and to back row passenger more of the intention caress configuration, had become official business to use a few of the car important levels. When to go up from this look, Jun YueCompletely competent. And when mentioning business affairs to use a car, we still can think of another player is imperial crown then. Although there is tens of thousands of far wide gap on Jun Yue and imperial crown price, but particular actual strength is had really above detail, we take Jun Yue 2.4 with imperial crown 2.5 medium highest configuration to compare.

Car pictureCar picture

General gentleman jumps over   of   of   of   of   of 2.4  Feng TianImperial crown 2.5

The exterior compares: Jun Yue appearance is resolute with composed have both, imperial crown appears fruity and sedate.

Gentleman exceeds the inheritance on outer view the characteristic of beautiful department car, let you from the first when see it United States blood relationship that finds it very pure. From inside designing a concept not conservative, before American car the feeling of impetuous is seen very hard on Jun Yue body. Come from car head car end, without giving thought to you from wh which direction which position, you always can feel a kind of resolute sense. New imperial crown maintained its sedate always style, the design on appearance detail is continueing as before the feature with day department bright car.

Car picture

Gentleman is illuminated before the car more

The Jun Yue processing in grille is photogenic than before more special, drew lessons from 2004Fasten a gramThe stereo U on Velite concept car grille is designed, match withStride BachThe headlight of similar, disclose a kind of make public. On automobile body scale, jun Yue also went after the design element of line of European tall waist painstakingly, be this kind of design, the automobile body that makes Jun Yuekuan big appears contented from visual angle rise, without the sort of compressed feeling. Nevertheless, as a result of the design style of car head and automobile body, the rear also can get necessarily embroil, tangent appears too curt, always feel with whole the design shows a few minutes to be not coordinated it seems that.
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