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Is difference less and less? ? Triumphal contrast gallops

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Triumphal and gallop [quote picture] it is two products that cent attributes different rank. Triumphal [quote picture] the 3 compartment version that is Xue Tielong C4, and C4 is mixed in Europe golf [quote picture] be in class A together [quote picture] car category. "C4 of 3 compartment edition " the lengthen that passes wheelbase, had to tall capital of percussive of one form product. Gallop carry picture of quote of Ma Zida 6[] platform has production, chassis and dynamical system are Ma Zida almost of 6 " the old cast " . The price that gallop compares a horse 6 low many, this is a very inexpensive B class car. Triumphal take a step up through increasing size, gallop hit downward through depress price pressure, the 140 thousand similar price interval to 200 thousand yuan makes engage in a battle of two cars front.
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Although romantic French is designing what also can hesitate none when a the most practical car to join the amorous feelings of two sides of river of accept of a place of strategic importance 10 thousand kinds, wish every car steps down automation line to be able to enter T form stage. Triumphal not exceptional also, the end compartment a bit that adds after is triumphal without the influence its exterior whole sex, this compares the picture of homebred 307[quote that added a tail likewise] be close friends a lot of. Xue Tielong's stylist makes C4 of edition of this 3 compartment perfect and successive the design marrow of archetypal car, vogue, pliable, thick appearance design grabs an eye all the more. Mark of exaggerated two-men glyph matchs with " L " the headlight before form, the car head with thickening wide fact added bully energy of life a few minutes. Flank line is flowing, simple, a lamp of gently lumbar line Judas is outspread all the time go up to the tail lamp that includes part high, atmosphere arises spontaneously firmly again.
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