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The argue of intermediate car? Jun Yue Vs strides the Kaimeirui that vacate Vs

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From market of chinese mainland car the earliest pioneer develops nowadays the leading sheep of car city, general, masses, Feng Tian, the car tycoon on these 3 international, had spread competitive market to home, formed the structure of tripartite confrontation of the Three Kingdoms. And the firm rock in midstream that serves as respective brand, jun Yue [quote picture] , stride vacate [quote picture] , Kaimeirui [quote picture] the task of place bear, it is the sale is medium not just advocate dozen, still promote a brand the key of figure. Happen to, this second 3 chosen models, it is day, Europe, beautiful car respectively the typical delegate of intermediate car inside the department, the argue between intermediate car is performed sadly.

Interest is not little

Jun Yue was rolled out formally 2006, a lot of people think its are the Jun Wei that fasten a gram [quote picture] change a money, actually archetypal car of Jun Yue is the Lacrosse that fasten a gram. In American mainland, the purpose of Lacrosse is to replace the century that fasten a gram gradually. In home the course floats inferior the Jun Yue after own design, yu Junwei of fixed position interpose and flourish drive [quote picture] between, hope to borrow Jun Wei of Jun Yue that appears on the market to replace old money gradually, make do not overcome banner on model dimension adversary.

Car picture

Go up in the international car city with intense competition however, TOYOTA Camery is sufficient can calculate the name that must going up is a reverberate like thunder, car market is early the North America market with maturity, it falls with be being taken for many times best-selling the laurel of the model. Kaimeirui has the number of rate with annual sale and market merely, make with respect to enough adversary people envy unceasingly. From 1983 up to now, camery experienced the development of 6 generation, and accumulative total of Camery whole world exceeds 10 million sale, proved with digital effectively Camery and TOYOTA are big again the actual strength with extraordinary factory.

Car picture

The masses adopted brand-new name strategy in China, because transfer one steam masses to produce, stride vacate [quote picture] name name was replaced once brilliant Pasate [quote picture] . Stride the name that vacate to still cry resonantly without Pasate at present, from inside its code name B6 we see not hard, stride actually vacate even if Sa of the 6th acting handkerchief is special. The Sangdana with our hep place [quote picture] , the elder that is it (Sa of the 2nd acting handkerchief is special) . Regard a typical Europe as the car, pasate's classical design and masterly technology, make its are picked so that sell laurel frequently in the intermediate car market with intense competition, feel no regret becomes Europe to fasten the surveyor's pole in intermediate car.
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