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How much does 0.2L differ? ? ? Beautiful 206 1.4, 1.6 models are comparative

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Whether be still does are for the choice 1.4 measured or the beautiful 206[of 1.6 quantities quote picture] and pained? What undertake this to money of motor-car of hand of beautiful 206 1.4 and money of 1.6 hands motor-car is comparative, will announce for you the power that the difference discharging an amount of 0.2L can give two cars, oily bad news, drive a vehicle is comfortable degree on bring why to plant difference.

Car picture

Most high-power is tall 39.2% , the biggest torque is strong 18.3% , the dynamical advantage of 1.6L engine is clear.

Beautiful 1.6 litres of engine of 206 are a lot of domestic drivers' very familiar type. Be in 206 before, the straight line of this TU5JP4 model engine of 4 crocks of 16 valve is used already extensively in picture of beautiful 307[quote] , Xue Tielong Fu Kang [quote picture] , Ailishe [quote picture] on the product of company of dragon waiting for a god. In the meantime, TU5JP4 engine also equips to be sent at French mark - a lot of product of Xue Tielong group, can say, TU5JP4 all the time since it is the engine that maintains synchronous technology level with former outfit car. Nevertheless, look with present trend, france is beautiful - Xue Tielong group is abandoning this type stage by stage, those who replace is they and BMW combination development is new-style engine of 1.6 quantities pressure boost.
Car picture Beautiful of 206 the athletic money that 1.4 have him respectively with 1.6 models, but just used black interior trim actually and added a few glistening adornment parts just -- the motivation of athletic edition and edition of shallow interior trim do not have distinction.

Homebred air officer is 206 use TU5JP4 motor most 142n.m/4000rpm of the high-power 78kw/5750rpm, biggest torque. The engine of 16 valve did not apply camshaft of buy of this 4 crocks of double tops alterable valve when wait for more advanced technology, so of 206 1.6 model nominal oily bad news does not have overmuch competition advantage (90km/h fast 5.9L/100km) . But its torque curve is more flowing, and be in 3000 to the biggest torque that 96% above can give out inside the 5500 rotate speed limits that turn (≥ 140n.m) , in the 2500 the biggest torque that give out 90% above to the internal energy of 6000 rotate speed limits that turn (≥ 130n.m) . Can see, this is " engine of high rotate speed " -- its the biggest rotate speed that send force with 4000 turn for the center, this is meant drive the car need that carries this engine obtains good dynamical performance and locomotive ride comfort in ability of shift gears of high rotate speed, with home a lot of old drivers are used to " oil giving a point with respect to shift gears " the tradition drives color photograph wrestle.
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