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12 crocks of battle that carry summit of racing bike summit on the head forcedly

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Editor's note: Racing bike of these two hard tops adds up altogether has supercharger of 4 24 cylinder, turbine and the power of 780 kilowatt, this group of data already the actual strength of two players that enough shows to this contrast checks. Perhaps you can say to drive those their wealthy people won't resemble bravo same hurricane, but if was exceeded by other vehicle, they cannot tolerate this ability. because such, just was born to run quickly CL600 and picture of quote of GT[of guest benefit mainland] such " strange animal "

Car picture

Rise to what can buy run quickly the person of CL600 and GT of guest benefit mainland, money is not a problem to them. This kind of vehicle plans for wealthy person, and still not be average wealthy person, it is super and wealthy person, those are rich the person to the private jet aircraft that has oneself. Economic time just is their the biggest consideration, hundred thousands of pairs the number is only for them just.

Car picture

The exterior of GT of guest benefit mainland makes a person impressive

For must, GT of guest benefit mainland and run quickly CL600 is one of cars with best whole world. Two cars rate is very rapid, but two cars won't resemble farad benefit or Lanbojini is right in that way the person that drive has very high demand. Contrary, their drive by feeling letting a person very comfortable, but the costly level that also won't reach Laosilaisi to perhaps stride Bach. They are born to like driving wealthy person.

Car picture

What CL600 continued to run quickly is elegant

In these two cars, you can the sense that sufficient bona fide feels road surface, need not worry about those who pass much technical system to intervene, adequately control is done on the car sufficient homework. Two cars are very luxurious beautiful, let a person hard dismiss from one's mind.

German pride is right blast -- the pride that also is Germany

Be in 20 years of in the past, the product line that run quickly almost include all models, the GL level that reachs to be sold in the United States from the A series car that sells in Europe [quote picture] large SUV. But the top class car that run quickly still should consider racing bike of series of S series car, SL and CL series large double door racing bike.
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