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Hold accuse? Move feeling? Comfortable? : Comparative 4 120 thousand right-and-l

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Compact model it is the market with the most intense competition of domestic car market, also be the market with consumer attention top rate, recently, a netizen of Che168 put forward to think of region, Kaluola in forum [quote picture] , horse 3, the issue that who Fox selects, perhaps be a query when inscribing too brash, this netizen did not give out too much condition, the author passes the contrast of the section of introductory class car of these 4 models here, will to everybody provide reference. (problem link: Http:// Tid=166002)

According to selected regulation, 1.8MT of the 1.8Exi MT that consider region, Fox, card collect draws picture of 1.6GL MT and quote of Ma Zida 3[] 4 models are seleted 1.6MT standard type.

Preliminary choose Kaluola 1.6 take the lead in going out bureau

Car section
Think of region 1.8Exi MT
Fox 1.8MT
Block Luo La 1.6GL MT
The horse amounts to 3 1.6MT standard type oneself
Directive price
Clinch a deal valence

The each respect element of car of integrated family expenses, the Kaluola that comes from cropland of one steam abundant 1.6 take the lead in going out bureau. Serve as in the market the model with very fierce impetus, kaluola takes the lead in going out bureau perhaps make a person a little accident, its in advance goes out bureau because quality is too poor,not be, however the price outclass because of it is other 3 cars.

Car picture

Compare directive price, kaluola 1.6 models are not one hundred and thirty-two thousand eight hundred yuan highest, but 3 cars have the rest the privilege of different level, clinch a deal quite so the word of valence, kaluola is to rank first of 4 cars however, one hundred and twelve thousand five hundred yuan when compare Ma Zida 3 1.6, consider region one hundred and twenty-three thousand eight hundred yuan of He Fuke of 1.8 this one hundred and eleven thousand five hundred yuan of tower above of 1.8 9000 differ to 21 thousand yuan.
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