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Jun Yue 2.4 with stride vacate 1.8TSI motivation to contrast

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Stride those who vacate appear on the market, it may be said is lively and extraordinary, come from the masses besides it beyond the blood relationship of platform of car of class of the 6th acting B, the most conspicuous is its this 1.8TSI engine. The TSI that with the past we often see differs for technology of double pressure boost, this TSI is before the abbreviation of TFSI, chinese meaning erupts continuously inside crock of turbine pressure boost namely motive technology. The people is right this a series of engine expresses great expectations, the little engine that discharge an amount is backward in wanting to cast off the masses with this global problem. So the dynamical system with this brand-new masses, with there is public praise very much inside course of study, the Jun Yue that wins title of 10 beautiful engine [quote picture] engine of 2.4 litres of ECOTEC is compared, after all which better? This today's engine is actually comparative, it is outstanding natural and inspiratory engine is mixed outstanding civil model the contrast of engine of small turbine pressure boost, they represented the different style of these two kinds of engine severally, it is the fine athlete in this one domain at the same time.

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2.4 litres of engine of Jun Yue regard natural and inspiratory type as the outstanding delegate of engine, the double VVT that its largest technology window deploys namely is alterable spiracle when technology. VVT is OK and linear adjustment the hydraulic press compose of camshaft position and corner, how many of the oil of different control hydraulic pressure that it can carry rotate speed, then will adjust the relative position of camshaft, change its corner, come to those who achieve linear not have extremely adjust, control precision is very tall, can improve efficiency distributing gas effectively, increase the work efficiency of engine. On the double VVT that Jun Yue deploys and market common when alterable engine returns some differences. The two VVT structure of double VVT is same, on function, it can pass hydraulic press compose to come to linear adjustment to take the corner of gas cam and place in that way like individual VVT not only, can adjust at the same time the delay time horn of exhaust valve, and also through hydraulic press compose adjusts. Compare with photograph of traditional odd VVT, it can come true more the adjustment with accurate essence, adjusting range wants one times wider, efficiency nature is taller also.

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