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100 thousand yuan of family expenses choose and buy of 3 side car

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Chinese good outer part, food and clothing lives to want all right decent, also want to pay attention to. Before engine room, hind boot is adscititious the structure that the as it happens of 3 side car of the cabin of the member that multiply among accords with Chinese sedan, when because this is in,the car begins to enter Chinese family, nature of 3 side car became best option.

On the other hand, at present Chinese family is the level that buying car of the first family expenses mostly, accordingly, practical, large space is the factor that a lot of families consider, so, nature of many 3 compartment model of a boot got favor. For very strong to domestic idea Chinese, although be below the case that both sides car has been accepted gradually today, still a lot of consumer have a special liking to 3 side car.

Current, the 3 side car that sells on market, had had very clear fixed position, family expenses or business affairs can find more appropriate model. If you pay close attention to 3 side car only when buying a car, can see the following models of 100 thousand yuan of class so, keep close in the price civilian on the foundation, performance side also can find place of a balance. Forever classical nimble is amounted to
Have outer part more practical! 100 thousand yuan of family expenses choose and buy of 3 side car (graph)

Regard one steam as the masses most the economy that introduces first car, nimble is amounted to stand left illustrious meritorious military service, the surveyor's pole of car of the economy that also establishs at the same time 3 side. And if recommend 3 side car, cannot mention nimble to amount to this car. He has made petty gain in compatriots heart, reliable, the pronoun with excellent performance. In the meantime, he also makes housekeeping money 3 side car discharges an indefectible myth in the quantity 1.6 litres, although in what new car emerges in endlessly nimble of choose and buy is amounted to now,remain a well-advised option.

The exterior that nimble amounts to does not have the thing of too much flowery, appear low-key and composed. In the interior trim that is apart from in compasses with practical for the tenet, arrangement of each control pushbutton is reasonable. Nimble amounts to what be worth commend most still is this stage 1.6 litres of engine, amount to the person that has knowledge a bit to know to nimble, he often also is called " little steel prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan " , visible motivation respect is very outstanding.

Nevertheless, after all nimble is amounted to is old money model, had shown old state on the exterior, although manufacturer amounts to those who undertook amounting to 21 to upgrade to nimble, but the appearance lacks fashionable sense, gain the attention of young customer hard.
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