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Mark of abundant cropland car - the implied meaning trusts trend world each othe

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1933, abundant cropland is fond of one man to love to know city of prefectural abundant cropland to found Feng Tian to knit a mechanism automatically to make place in Japan, established Feng Tian Motor Corporation in August 1937, the surname that uses oneself serves as the name of the company and brand. Inchoate Japan ' Feng Tian ' card emblem, be will ' TOYOTA ' the first of phoneticize uppercase ' T ' mark is on engine radiator grille, and the phoneticize form company name ' TOYOTA ' mark is on car head or car end. 90 time, ' Feng Tian ' begin to use new brand, new brand is 3 external forms approximate elliptic annulus is combined ably together, every ellipse is with was the centre of a circle at 2 o'clock the curve of scale is comprised, its heart like the heart that asks for an user and car manufacturer is together repeatedly, have mutual reliance feeling. And make design has a space to feel, and phoneticize ' TOYOTA ' alphabetical contain at graphical brand in. Two elliptical and perpendicular across in big ellipse combine fitly ' T ' word, ' T ' represent Feng Tian Motor Corporation; Big ellipse shows the world, among ' T ' word and the elliptical jackknife outside, make ' T ' utmost ground held the word elliptical space, make ' T ' more outstanding, car of Yu Shifeng cropland moves toward the world.

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