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Maintain exercise fine fact much engine oil uses a report

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Engine oil is having very main effect to engine life. This are being experienced very hard when smooth commonly used car, but a lot of maintain because undesirable car is long do not change engine oil, not only the dynamical performance of the car sells at a discount greatly, the noise of engine and vibration are apparently abnormal also, the choice of engine oil also has certain knowledge, the time that oneself car maintains recently already arrived, because consider the Laoche that has been 200 thousand kilometers and also enter summer this is seasonal, fine fact much Jin Jia chose to protect the engine oil of 15W50 on viscosity, the engine oil such as Huang Xili also has been used before, say normally general 200 yuan of the following mineral oil differences are not very big, but Jin Jia protects API is SM level, this also is the account that I choose it, same price is it is good to choose target of course. What API points to is American oil consortium, provide standard of certificate of quality of engine oil product, and at present the most advanced the strictest also API attestation is SM level, taller than SL one level, more what is more,the rather that the brand with fine much fact is quite reliable still, as a result of working reason, the engine oil that has seen the car such as Ao Di, masses and BMW change in 4S inn place, they are very much chose fine fact this many brand, this also proved its actual strength, of course what they use is synthesis and half synthesis engine oil mostly, should as better than the effect as mineral oil photograph.

Engine oil not only have lubricant effect, still have other action for instance:
1, clean: Clean recipe is contained in engine oil, at any time the greasy filth that sure meeting produces in clean engine movement, carbon deposit, pass purify of engine oil filter; 2, sealed: Off-the-peg between crock wall and piston annulus a oil seal, prevent engine oil and change of flaming gas each other; 3, cooling: Circulate through engine oil, cooling piston, bearing and place of high temperature of crock first class

Oil change when the engine oil that sees be used last is already nigrescent, oil change coolie says to feel viscosity is already washed-up, look the life that in the travel in the city common mineral oil also can maintain 5000-7500KM to control, course is again long washed-up also. After changing Wan Jiashi much engine oil and new machine filter, suffer in subjective feeling on urgent the sound when quickening is clear decrescent and more simple and honest without noisy before feeling, the engine oil that changes newly of course also has particular concern, real work force wants to just can make judgement later in thousands of kilometer, after because use this brand engine oil to be in so for the first time,travel makes an appointment with 3000 kilometers, pull out the state of engine oil of examination of engine oil feet, glib style although darken, but quite clear still, viscosity is normaller also, engine still is compared in the job when high rotate speed smooth, from drive experience come up to say and do not have apparent deterioration, showing Jin Jia to protect engine oil wear still is pretty good.
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