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How correct maintain your vent-pipe

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One, about preventing muffler rustily:

1. Prevent muffler interior to drink water. When wet travel or when washing a car, should prevent muffler interior to drink water. After drinking water, should start engine to undertake idle fast heat car at least 10 minutes, make as far as possible in-house seeper eduction. This is crucial!

2. The proposal adds besmear to prevent rubiginous oil in muffler interior (engine oil of usable also four-stroke is replaced) , the particular way that cheer is:

1) tear open next muffler, jam muffler is mid the osculum of lowermost position (the proposal uses glue paper stickup) ;

2) the flange place that is linked together from muffler and engine is joined make an appointment with 50ml antirust oil, jolty muffler makes antirust oil even enter cylindrical shell, next mount muffler;

3) after starting engine, because muffler temperature rises gradually, happen after antirust oily be heated volatilize, muffler rear can risk blue smoke. But blue smoke can be in travel disappears after 20 kilometers. After blue smoke disappears, cancel osculum jam content;

4) proposal new car is in on undertake cheering maintenance after the card, undertake cheering maintenance by every half an year at ordinary times.

2, the problem that becomes angry about preventing muffler:

1. When winter cold car is started hard, shut block air door to start engine, the attention after hot car opens block air door in time. Prohibit be in shut condition of block air door to fall long high speed travel;

2. Car riding mood (men's clothing car) prohibit adding outfit fan shroud or other ornamental to taste in engine and muffler ahead, meet those who affect engine and muffler come loose so hot;

3. Please not long big negative charge is cheap a travel, this pair of engine and muffler can be caused damage;

4. Please not long place high rotate speed bangs accelerator;

5. Have when muffler surface smeary when, the meeting after hot car makes its surface color becomes angry send yellow, hair orchid to wait. Additional, stick when muffler surface when having the contamination such as a large number of clay, clear in time please, lest affect its to come loose,heat up;

6. When installing muffler, should notice muffler fills up installation to reach the designated position, close solid is good, prevent flat, effect of influence noise elimination and cause hair of muffler interface place to fizzle out;

7. Filter of engine valve clearance and carburettor, air should the basis is truckload the specification undertakes seasonable and correct adjustment is mixed clean, if spiracle clearance passes small or mixture gas is too too thick, rare burn the influence, cause an influence to cause to muffler become angry.

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