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Walk out of the error that the family uses with the car

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Walk out of the error that the family uses with the car

To prolong the service life of the car, note the following respects please.
Do not safeguard a car
The car that the family uses now is to contrast economy model car, this grade car is changed to realize high speed and enhance power, structural design is rigorous, careful, truckload operation is very convenient also, but corresponding maintenance, maintain the demand is high also. As long as on schedule reasonable undertake maintenance, won't produce serious consequence absolutely. However major car advocate the maintenance that notices a car far from at ordinary times problem, want a car to run well only, do not press formulary care and maintenance, till be about to bend over,the ability when the nest thinks of to repair, this is the error on the idea that use a car.
Car giving love has a holiday
Because oil plants price rises quickly, buy finds together with parking space hard, so more and more having car a group of things with common features goes to work to ride instead of walk with the bus at ordinary times, only on the weekend or off when just drive a travel. Actually, giving a car to have a holiday is harmful to the car do not have benefit. Because because be in for long,the transmission parts surface such as engine and transmission is met,rust with the condition that air contacts directly. Because long-term nature discharges,still accumulator also is met, influence service life.
Often wash a car
Some users to make a car neat and beautiful, lie between a few days to wash a car almost, be being done so actually is very unscientific, because often wash a car to be able to be caused,rust, especially the place such as bottom of railroad car motherboard, door, easy cause rustily decay.
Oneself change oneself costume or dress car
Private car is a car advocate mobile home, also be a car advocate of individual character reflect pattern, more and more cars advocate like oneself to start work Che Tian adds all sorts of equipment, think oneself do this kind of thing to be able to accord with individual careful beautiful viewpoint most. Pursuit is multiplied with comfortable with luxurious give no cause for more criticism, but oneself change oneself costume or dress the car is done not have necessary, if handle misgivings to should be met pair of car function, operate convenient wait for a respect to bring adverse effect, the interior of the car does not want to alter as far as possible.
The neutral when drive a vehicle glides
Oil is not saved when neutral glides above all, the gear-box when neutral glides is lubricant and insufficient, and hang directly in high speed low when blocking, can produce bigger mechanical impact, easy cause a spare parts to destroy, and in case when the situation that produces engine dead internal heat, can bring about brake malfunction, and lose power of engine apply the brake again at the same time, very dangerous

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