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Use detect freely maintain be economical 4 scheme

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Buying a car is convenient, the daily expenses when the river rises the boat goes up too that but raise a car with the car,the charge of long car can make you. It is not easy to earn money, beautiful money wants plan plan of course.

Normally regular maintenance expenses includes car man-hour cost, fittings cost and other cost of raw materials. The initial stage that use a car basically is to maintain normally, charge is relatively inferior; Use particular fixed number of year when car or travel can enter maintenance period after certain course, cost is relatively a few higher. How can you just be ensure to upkeep cost of vehicle maintenance and repair is saved below the premise of quality?

Be economical scheme one: Reasonable and affirmatory maintain periodic

The car maintains cycle is the removed course of development that shows the car maintains or time. Maintain frequency is tall not be what evildoing, guarantee each performance of car effectively, because this is scientific the ground is affirmatory and of all kinds maintain the removed course of development of exercise, can make the car often carries good technical condition not only, still can make you economic upkeep cost and repair charge.

In the decision the car maintains when cycle, should consult the automobile factory recommends maintain periodic, combine the technical condition of car oneself and actual use condition, to maintaining cycle should do proper adjustment. The new car with average car good technical condition, in use a condition goodly next use, can lengthen appropriately maintain periodic; And car technical condition is poorer, or use a condition abominable, should shorten appropriately maintain periodic.

Be economical scheme 2: Make full use of to detect freely

Present car manufacturer values after service more and more, it is a car from this advocate brought profit often can be enjoyed namely detect freely activity. These detect freely the activity is very much look be like simple, in the car advocate look do not have materiality content it seems that, actually these detect freely mobile dispute often has profit. Car advocate can use these to detect freely the activity is overall to loving a car check-up, discover a few potential trouble in time, eliminate these breakdown hidden danger, leave out the high specified number in the future maintenance expenses.

Be economical scheme 3: As far as possible little disintegrate maintains assembly

A lot of cars advocate have this kind of feeling, a certain assembly of own car (like engine) send irremediable after disintegrate is maintained, lie between period of time to be about " be in hospital " cure, this kind of phenomenon is importing a car to go up particularly common. Why can you appear this kind of phenomenon? The reason is many sided, the assembly that basically involves repairman the respect such as technology and fittings quality. Enter maintenance period prematurely to prevent car, you are best as far as possible little disintegrate maintains assembly, use all sorts of advanced technology service facilities and method, undertake avoiding tearing open maintaining to the car, not only because disintegrate maintains,can avoid the needless loss that causes to car assembly and component, return the rate that can accelerate a car to maintain greatly, rise maintain quality, reduce maintenance total cost thereby.
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