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The engine that does not let you " heatstroke " -- engine overheat detects detai

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Sorching summer is forthcoming, still should stay in it as car cardiac engine " crowded " the plod in engine room, and the engine overheat appearance that causes possibly also makes a car advocate the hidden trouble that uses a car, what should check daily to prevent engine overheat so? How to check? Be aimed at above doubt, this we are classified according to the cause that causes engine overheat, detect to what take a picture to answer means is ordinal explain for you:

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One, cooling system leak

The refrigerant that causes as a result of leak is short of breaking is to cause the cause with engine the commonnest overheat. Possible leak site includes hose, radiator, heater core, water pump, constant temperature implement cover, air cylinder mat, prevent frostbite fills in, automatic gear-box oil cooler, air cylinder lid.


Above all, to whole refrigeration the system does a serious vision to check, undertake to cooling system and radiator lid pressure checks next. Pressure test will show internal leak, be in leak from air cylinder mat for example or be in leak from the break of crock lid, cylinder body. A good cooling system pressure should be in 12 to 15 pounds / square inch (it is 0.84-1.05 kilogram about / square centimeter) hold this pressure range 15 minutes above does not drop. If pressure was reduced, the refrigerant leak that has interior with respect to the specification so (most circumstance is filled up for air cylinder bad, but also may be air cylinder or engine have break) .
To radiator the lid undertakes pressure test also is very important, because a poorer radiator is built (or cost of a pressure is too low) will the boiling point of refrigerative agent is reduced and can refrigerative agent goes out from radiator midstream.

2, fan

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Cooling fan

mechanical fan, although fan cover is short of,break can make the cooling efficiency of fan highest reduce 50% (this depends on the distance between fan and radiator) , but most overheat problem is created by undesirable fan clutch, the shears of fan clutch force is characteristic as time elapse run down, its movement efficiency is average and annual decrease 200 turn, the degree that glides finally to also cannot cool effectively again causes overheat. (average for, the service life of the service life of fan clutch and water pump is same. If they are two a need in changes, another also needs to change commonly. )


If fan clutch has the sign with faint movement (oil is poured out of outwards from the center of clutch) , when perhaps should shutting engine, its rotate freely obstruction minimum or without any obstruction, advance when fan, when be being pulled, its are pendulous, so it changed with respect to need.
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