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Wash a car 10 big notes

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No matter be you wash a car to the field that wash a car or he starts work,wash a car, want to understand wash the requirement of the car somewhat. Wash a car to have 10 fear, are you advertent?

One avoid engine end is thoroughly cooling come down to wash a car. Such meetings make engine premature ageing.

2 avoid wash a car below burning sun. Can go up in automobile body so the drip trace with dry bequeath.

3 avoid wash a car below very cold weather. Once water is frozen,can cause paint film rupture.

4 avoid use the water beyond soft water to clean, include the water with hot water, buck and higher hardness. Because these material are met,attaint paints. Clean with hard water, dry hind trace and film can keep in automobile body surface.

5 avoid rinse automobile body with high-pressured current. Hydraulic too big, can injure face of automobile body lacquer. If encounter automobile body to go up,have hard dirt sludge, use leach profit first, next reoccupy water is rinsed. Apply dispersive current to come eject.

6 fear chaos adds abluent. When cleaning, do not allow to use washing powder, household cleanser and inferior soap. Because be contained in these abluent alkaline, it may wash the grease in lacquer face, quicken lacquer face ageing. Abluent is not added when washing a car commonly.

7 fear chaos is brushed. After clear water is rinsed, many people like to brush; Wipe main existence two problems: Use brush cloth unqualified and wipe a method incorrect head. If want to wipe, brush what cloth should use softness to brush cloth or soft and clean sponge. Brush try Shi Yingshun to wear current direction, ground of from above to below is wiped gently, cannot delimit circle or transverse brush try.

8 fear chaos uses eradicator. On automobile body may extremely mordant strong besmirch, be like bitumen, oily be soiled, dung of avian, insect is waited a moment, these besmirch are cleaned harder, must methodological correct. When cleaning automobile body oily be soiled, applied sponge dips in a few kerosene or benzine are wiped gently, hit upcast light to cream in the place of brush next, make its burnish is like first. If there is dead bug to wait on automobile body,move plant juice, answer to be soaked with suds first; Use foam rubber or plastic next soggy clean. Change direction dish, lamps and lanterns, model makings and balata on be soiled having oil, can clean with common suds only, cannot use gas, eradicator and thinner will clean.

The clean tool that 9 fear chaos uses horniness is cleared dirty content. Be like plastic brush, bit comes scrape besmirch, damage lacquer surface very easily so.

10 avoid are used be stained with smeary dirty hand to touch automobile body face, perhaps get on the place brushing cloth that have smeary tool or contains machine dissolvent at automobile body, moulage stays so easily on lacquer face or make lacquer face fades prematurely.

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