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Love car is cheered have knowledge

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Love car is cheered have knowledge! [Share]
Cheer at driving the person is the minor matter that does not live usually again originally, dan Rezhen breaks Chi to break Chi or some say.

1, when to cheer: Did not wait for oil lamp to shine as far as possible. Because oil pump is located in inside gasoline tank, the temperature when oil pump works continuously is higher, dip can drop in temperature effectively in fuel. And oily side shows when oil lamp is bright already under oil pump, if wait for the lamp to shine to go again every time,gas station can shorten oil pump service life, keep oil too little or fuel is extinct likely burn down oil pump. Like travel above of 30 thousand kilometer needs more careful, once,put the oil pump when oil is too little gasoline tank bottom sedimentary take the word that have, if be block oil pump or block merely,breaking oil path is too lucky then.

2, add how many oil: If go basically,sail at the urban district and cheer go to the lavatory to need not be added quite full. Carrying full one box oil can increase self-prossessed, apprentice increases oily cost, generally speaking adds on 100 yuan or 30L is sufficient already. Especially new car more do not add with respect to for the first time full, possible meeting makes fat surplus and sensor are out of order, bring about oily watch lack fidelity (bearing as 100kg new weighbridge fat person with respect to a 100kg are average) .

3, add what oil: Choosing fuel basically is to want to match with engine compression ratio most. Be like: Compression ratio chooses 90# or 93# in 8.5-9.0; 9.0-9.5 uses 93# ; 9.5-1.0 uses 93# or 97# ; 1 above use 97# . If appear and disappear basically within city, the time speed per hour of 50% above under 60KM, add 97# to won't have apparent profit than 93# ; And when the time of 50% can with travel of 100KM above speed per hour when (if run high speed) , to make engine effect better play should use 97# fuel. Engine compression ratio is in the car of 9.5 above when 120KM/h travel, use 97# fuel is oilier than using 93# 100 kilometers save 1-1.5L, so a bit won't raise pay and beneficial to the car.

4, the time that cheer: Cheer choose time even? A kind of view thinks petrolic heats up coefficient of expansion to be opposite high temperature change response is sensitive, and usually morning and evening and difference in temperature is in by day 10 degrees of above and petrolic aerification dot is compared again low, cheer so should choose in early, evening. The person that hold different opinion thinks, pool of gas station oil storage all is in now underground and it is certain to have defend layer, so benzine temperature won't follow external temperature basically acuteness change. The physics of the wolf is gotten bad, the psychology that be being cheered early, late so is true be to one's profit or gallinaceous thief is comforted still ask everybody to see an official rule.
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