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How to prevent engine oil pressure too low

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Car engine has pressure of some normal engine oil, it is to make sure engine chafes each between be able to sufficient and good lubricant premise and requirement. Below normal circumstance, idle fast when pressure of engine engine oil should not under 50kPa; Oil pressure force should maintain high speed opportunity to be controlled in 200-300kPa in. Engine is in movement, once its are in-house occurrence breakdown, temperature of such as engine crosses tall, crankshaft and plain bearing liner of connecting rod bearing to wear away aggravate or cooperate to shake the wave motion that waits to be able to affect pressure of engine engine oil. And a lot of moment, because engine is lubricant,often be the reason that fastens each parts breakdown causes pressure of engine engine oil too low. The car is in travel, once discover engine oil pressure is too low, the rear and feasible car that should jockey to search its account and eliminate. Because pressure of engine engine oil passes,cause extremely easily otherwise low and occurrence music plain bearing liner burns be in harmony and " holds made of baked clay " in the arms, more serious when the likelihood makes engine discards as useless because of this. For this, accomplish the following will pressure of engine oil of better land precaution is too low.

Often check

A. Take out engine oil feet, look carefully at engine oil enough, have in oil deny benzine or water, be added when necessary or change engine oil.

B. Engine falls in working circumstance, look carefully at each place carefully to whether have leakage oily appearance.

C. A place of strategic importance of induction of pressure of examination engine oil and table of force of machine oil pressure are regular. engine oil reaction wiring of a place of strategic importance takes iron, if engine oil pressure expresses pressing with a finger to be placed after all from 0 o'clock, show both job is regular. If pressing with a finger is not moved, state inductive a place of strategic importance damages, should change.

D. Check lubricant department oil pressure. Twist an inductive a place of strategic importance, the engine that start, answer right now organic oil from inside screw ejective, explain lubricant department oil pressure is normal, and breakdown fills in in the induction.

E. If afore-mentioned examinations still disable, also not failure isolation place, need to disassemble filter of colander of oily base case, cleaning machine oily collect, engine oil, postmortem adjusts the outfit of tile of crankshaft main shaft and connecting rod plain bearing liner to close gap.

Assemble strictly

Lubricate in engine in the overhaul of the department, there is inadvertent metropolis to cause engine oil pressure to cross the happening of low phenomenon a bit when assembling parts. For instance, the spacer between lubricating oil pump and cylinder body, spacer between engine oil filter and cylinder body, when making these spacer, of oily aperture of this put apart should have opening giving oil, into, have between mouth giving oil lie between should stay have lie between. Same, engine oil pressure also can be caused when the parts fault that some should not appear originally contains too low, for instance, new changing cylinder body leakage installs oil to block a head up or oil blocks a head up to assemble lax.
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