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Go on a journey returns how to maintain your love car

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Special remind lacquer face small scratch cannot be ignored.

Love car ford, need to check oil of automatic wave box, difference fast implement oily.

Not little XD is leaving to love a car to visit one's family during the Spring Festival seek friendly itinerary state power, was to experience the joyance that gallop personally more! As the end of the holiday, car advocate it is normal that the life also is returned to, so accompany you all the way whether does the love car of joyous song, willingly bear the burden of hard works also need to have rest and build up strength one time?

Drive oneself swim after returning, with respect to this pairs check-up love a car is mixed maintained.

Chassis vulnerability

Above all, should recollect (this are very important, it often can discover the place) of the problem.

In drive oneself swim in the process, car advocate pass all sorts of road surface probably, the batholith that loves a car so gets hurt the most easily, car advocate be necessary to recollect whether is there the experience that has blown chassis in travel process.

If be unable to call to mind to also have nothing to do with, car advocate whether does around of OK and comparative holiday love a car have apparent change, if appear,chassis guides noise, steering wheel shakes, the phenomenon that occurrence oil stains waits the park position of car a moment, with respect to the specification chassis has been damaged. Because,this is after batholith of scratch of road surface fraise, a few parts that cause chassis possibly are out of shape, place pull rod of arm, or so direction to wait up and down especially incidental be out of shape.

A few slight touch blow same meeting to cause the carapace end case of engine oil base or wave box oil to wait produce slight leakage, and these are cars advocate detect by oneself cannot the circumstance that as soon as possible discovers. If have,blow background experience so, even if do not have clear sense, also suggest car advocate go professional manufacturer examination.

Car advocate project of 6 self check

Next, annulus car is checked.

Car advocate examination of car of proper motion annulus can undertake from the following respects.

One, see car exterior. Of car exterior whether to have apparent scratch, hit sunken mark, especially before pump (before humper) the position. If produce collision, the car basically is done in time external spray paint processing. To this, car advocate can fasten carelessness, because of the action of paint, it is beautiful not only, its mainer function is antirust. Some strike the paint layer break that causes is not very big, consequently car advocate think to did not affect vehicle beautiful, pay no attention to it, but actually the metal below paint has begun to rust, when car advocate can from exterior when observing, in-house metallic layer is rustily already very fierce.

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