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"Hang rely on a car " reliable really? !

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"Hang rely on a car " reliable really? !
"Hang rely on a car " a common that is the automobile industry that rent says, also be one of the industry common phenomenon. Namely disengaged car relies on the society the car company that rent enters the market that rent, also be certain car rents a company to absorb a society a kind of measure that disengaged car pursues managing. To the client character, "Hang rely on a car " reliable really?
1. " hang rely on a car " car condition masters not easily and understand, car advocate cannot effective monitoring car is rented reach use situation, to car maintain also lack specific aim and instant sex. And the company that rent is right " hang rely on a car " also won't throw too much energy to safeguard and maintain, car condition is unidentified, maintain not do one's best, the client hires a car to face very big risk.
2. " hang rely on a car " insurance is cast by blame business property protect, was engaged in battalion carry changing car to use property, if appear traffic liability accident, meeting compensate pays insurance company scarcely, the loss wants to be assumed by him tenant. Accordingly, hire " hang rely on a car " , client risk is great.
3. " hang rely on a car " make the client is mixed the relation forms triangle between the company that rent. Before the interest, car advocate meet only interest of attend to self, pair of companies that rent and client interest ignore, the business that damages client rights and interests may happen at any time. If the client is in,dispute appears in the process that rent, the client should confront the company that rent already, should face a car again advocate, the difficulty that the problem resolves smoothly is very great.
4. if you discover car of the what in ad of the company that rent has, and when hire however when what car is done not have, so it may be with " hang rely on a car " the renting company that give priority to. Because " hang rely on a car " won't hang in a company that rent only lean, lack seasonable sex so, do not take a car however when you consider hire car, the route that gives you brings great inconvenience.
Accordingly, hire " hang rely on a car " must take care, sometimes " hang rely on a car " slippery really oh!

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