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Different ground builds a car by " slaughter " the company that rent is helpless

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Different ground builds a car by " slaughter " the company that rent is helpless appeal
"Our client builds a car in Jinhua, did not think of by the person " slaughter " one knife. The car of firm foster cordial relations between countries had not returned Hangzhou to appear again breakdown, contacted maintenance factory, the other side is not acknowledge a debt. " recently, mr Chen of the company of car of Zhejiang China abundant that rent is hit helplessly into hot line of power of dimension of our newspaper car.

Mr Chen tells a reporter to say, during the Spring Festival a Pu Sang of their company is hired the guest opened Jin Hua, appeared in place breakdown. On Feburary 14, breakdown car is sent toward factory of Jin Lian vehicle maintenance and repair to maintain, upkeep in all more than yuan 4000. Doing not have those who think of is, the car had not opened lamp of Hangzhou benzine breakdown to shine. After passing a few days, the car is complete cannot normal travel. "I checked the car, breath is bad, what writing on maintenance sheet is very much change fittings, did not change at all. " the first reaction of Mr Chen is Jin Lianwei repairs a factory to have a problem, ask the other side is maintained afresh then, but refuse.

On March 7, controller of factory of golden couplet maintenance Mr Zhou expresses to the reporter, be willing to be maintained afresh for breakdown car, but premise is to should let Mr Chen " oneself drive the car to maintain a factory " . To this, mr Chen expresses, the vehicle is primary cannot travel, offer two solutions, or gold couplet maintains a factory to be in charge of pulling breakdown cart to golden China maintenance, or sends a person to come to Hangzhou, breakdown car is maintained in Hangzhou, upkeep repairs a factory to be in charge of by Jin Lianwei. But Mr Zhou with " trailer Fei Taigui and there is not redundant hand recently " for, rejected the demand of Mr Chen.

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