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Hire a car to require caution

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Hire a car to require caution

On the market a few black cars rent a company to be able to lend situation deceit consumer, consumer must raise vigilance, check bright eye, undertake strictly by the following measure, beware be decieved to be duped or rent the car that has safe hidden trouble.

Before renting a car, want to understand the company that rent to be able to offer the model of the car, car condition first, whether to need in order to decide for personal place. Next, the renting form that seeks advice from each, hire reachs the situation such as requires certificate, cash pledge.

The certificate that the place that rent a car requires includes Id, registered permanent residence to reach a driver's license originally commonly, hire is to pay beforehand normally, is not deduct from inside cash pledge.

When signing the contract that rent, need to notice the following:

One, the day that knows a car is restricted to the kilometer is counted and exceed the plan cost level after be restricted to count. General and intermediate the day travel course of development of the car should be in 150 kilometers less than, but also having a lot of companies that rent is to not be restricted the kilometer counts, you but according to the circumstance (project of car condition, hire, service) the integrated condition with more respective balance.

2, to prevent occupied cannot return a vehicle in time, still answer to understand relet regulation and the plan cost provision of the overtime that rent seriously, lest after the event and demur happens between the company that rent.

3, the acceptance that knows the company that rent carefully, with enjoying each due right adequately.

4, last content that signs a contract is to fill in check car is only, this is the course that both sides maintains car condition jointly. This process is involved maintain when returning a vehicle again, because this must be treated seriously. Want to undertake checking to car from the exterior above all, for example bodywork has without nick, light is complete, car lock is normal wait. Open a car to build next, examine the state of refrigerant fluid, engine oil, storage battery, all do not have unusual hind, can enter cab inside, inspect the moving condition of oily watch, brake, air conditioning, undertake trying driving, judge the fundamental condition of car. To the special function of a few models and usage, it is clear to should seek advice to the company that rent, like Fu Kang the children of the car locks up a function to wait, with benefit more convenient use.

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