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Hire a car to want to go to regular corporation

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Hire a car to want to go to regular corporation

No matter be,the car is rented on the net, still rent a company to rent a car to the car, consumer must raise vigilance, sharpen one's eyes, beware be decieved be duped. Did not hire carfare pattern " black steam is hired " or it is to rent illicit car under the counter, appear very easily dispute, must go to regular corporation renting a car so. If be hired " black car " or the car that has safe hidden trouble, of final fall victim still is him consumer.

■ " protect completely " the car has safeguard more

As we have learned, the company that rent gives normal car used hack car to do " protect completely " , the insurance company after be or get out of danger can bear the accident loss of about 80 % . And the trailer cost during the accident, repair cost to wait, the majority is assumed by insurance company, such companies that rent and loss of the person that rent a car too won't big. When producing bagatelle friend, the company can choose 4S inn to build a car commonly, it is to repair quality to have assure, 2 it is fittings price fairness reasonable. Contrary, the black car that does not have aptitude hires a firm often apt pulls the cart to concern to repair a ministry closely with oneself, mix in fittings repair cost to go up to play tricks greatly.

When the person that rent a car is receiving a car, the practice of the regular corporation that rent is to plan present check vehicle, and " scurvy " the company is intended and evasive this closes, the defect that the person that rent a car carries after be buries next foreshadowing. Because hire a car to do not have the perfect program that rent and rigid system under the counter, and, with black car the company that rent does not have proper procedures euqally, also lack the superintendency of the government sector, so, once produce issue, the person that rent a car often can be in the condition that nowhere complains.

■ hire a car to want to examine road to carry card

The regular corporation that rent has on each car " road carries business certificate " , the brand that this car indicated on card and with the photograph. So, before the start off that rent a car, must examine this evidence. Eliminate this department, check the other procedure that carries along with the car even, include to hand in card of card of cost of strong danger, maintain a road, travel, insurance to wait.

According to the regulation, car must be cast protect make strong narrow pass. Send the car that keep to pressing a demand, hand in tubal branch to smash car except of short duration at the appointed time, still will be in order a car advocate buy " make strong narrow pass " later, place should capture insurance premium the amerce of double. The person that did not carry to guarantee slip, the branch that make a valve will smash a car and be in the amerce that differs to 200 yuan with 20 yuan. If car advocate guarantee slip is missing, should offer the guarantee slip photocopy that builds official seal. And place a sign to pressing a demand, the policeman should instruct party to provide insurance sign, make a valve otherwise sectional general is buckled directly
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