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Hope to hear ask cut, 4 paces help your check car

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Hope to hear ask cut, 4 paces help your check car

Want to rent good to car, want to choose a normal car to hire a firm not only, more important is next check car process is not gotten cursorily. Check car visits the sick as the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, need looks, hear, ask, cut.

Look: The exterior that looks carefully at car first has flawless, nick, especially the word of new car should notice this is nodded more, remove the trouble that appears when the car in order to decrease. Besides, examine fluid of fuel, cooling fluid, lube, brake and transmission system even main part.

Hear: Check car process is heard mediumly is not used nose, however brain. Enter cab, had adjusted the driver's seat position that fits oneself first, next from left the action that is familiar with each appearance right and the place that operate a place, import a car especially, auxiliary appearance is more, figure out hard at a draught, and import a car block, horn, rain is brushed implement, light switch, automatic door lock, appearance and the position that all sorts of switch that warn signal lamp are in and homebred car can have certain difference. Accordingly, had better ask to the company that rent clear, did not drive old car because of oneself and carelessness.

Ask: Know the state of car to the company that rent, especially the operating system is acute, what place appears easily problem, should special attention, the apply the brake that affects safety of drive a vehicle directly especially, change direction, lamplight.

Cut: Start work namely finally " feel the pulse " . The car that start, below the circumstance that runs in engine, the moving condition that observes all sorts of appearance and admonitory pilot device carefully, should special attention the demonstrative circumstance of watch of lukewarm table of odograph and fuel gauge, engine water, engine oil pressure and ammeter. A lot of car had used a warning to replace all sorts of appearance index, answer to observe aglimmer admonitory signal lamp carefully, be familiar with their position, utility and working circumstance.

It is easy to still have an everybody the problem of oversight is tire, the wear out condition of tire should notice when check car, because it is concerning your safety, on the other hand, tire is eating the meeting below the circumstance such as road tooth by force to create a package, if was not examined when your check car, wait return the other side of Che Shiru fruit to discover, do not have a law to say clear. Both sides is in when signing the contract that rent a car, have detailed account of car of a piece of check, be in especially tool respect, there is what both sides to be nodded clear face to face on the car, the record is in exterior and interior, car exterior, state also wants on record, the content that involves on detailed list so, consumer wants to be looked carefully at carefully.

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