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Rental car 4 not bid farewell

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Chun Nuanhua leaves, "Have without the car this a group of things with common features " can hire a car to go out to be loosened.

Lease in you when car, had better press the following the circumstance that 4 paces are familiar with car.

One, before getting on a car condition of simple inquiry car

Lease after car, should understand current car above all besides how, especially the operating system is acute, what place appears easily problem should special attention, the apply the brake that affects safety of drive a vehicle directly especially, change direction, lamplight. Besides, examine fluid of fuel, cooling fluid, lube, brake and transmission system even main part. Still answer when necessary try out a paragraph of distance, in order to be familiar with the working circumstance with examination clutch, accelerator, brake and engine, discover a problem to answer seasonable to the car advocate specification. Rent the company's rental car to the car especially, more require scrutiny, even if a few petty defect also should say to be clear about, cannot carelessly ground settle on drive the car, it is to avoid to produce traffic accident, 2 it is to reduce the trouble that when removing a car, appears. 2, make clear the position of all appearance, operating system

After entering cab, want to had adjusted the driver's seat position that fits oneself first, next from left the action that is familiar with each appearance right and the place that operate a place. Good to master appearance and operation the position, it is to be able to read car to use manual, contrast manual place is shown, clear up one by one, import a car especially, auxiliary appearance is more, figure out hard at a draught, should examine seriously more. 2 it is to be below the circumstance that does not have manual, but direct to the car advocate understanding, look for chaos to feel in disorder in drive in case and dispersive attention. Especially every archives, horn, rain is brushed implement, light switch, automatic door lock, appearance and the position that all sorts of switch that warn signal lamp are in. 3, launch car, close automatic hand is operated a few times

Hand operation should be moved a few times personally before start off in front the operation that says, this conduces to the position that remembers them not only, and the working case that still can examine them, more important is OK operation disorder happens in avoiding drive a vehicle. For instance lamplight controls switch, have a plenty of pigheaded, have a plenty of those who pull, have a plenty of those who push; Reverse has a plenty of what push directly, have a plenty of press downward first, push again next; Rain is brushed implement switch some is on steering wheel, some is in on dashboard... these need to carry real operation a few times, ability applies freely, avoid to give the error in driving after travel.

4, the car that start, look carefully at appearance and admonitory signal carefully
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