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The company that rent bewares a variety of bilk instruments that the car rents

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Opposite at other developed country, the industry that rent is Chinese car merely start level, still existing a lot of malpractice, restricting the development of the industry that rent. And the bilk that rent a car is the business that lets rent a company to headache most. Small bilk table can make rent the pecuniary loss with company certain incur, and large bilk case can make a few diseased companies that rent are close to closing down even.

Illegal element rents an enterprise to undertake the method of bilk has a lot of to the car, most common is to forge certificate model. The criminal often uses a holiday card signs an agreement with the company that rent, diddle car. This kind of behavior happens time and again in the car line of business that rent; The 2nd kind is brazenly model. The criminal uses true certificate to rent a car, once car of procurable later generations misses. Suspect of this kind of bilk has guilty criminal record more; The 3rd kind namely serial bilk. The criminal can be lost with certificate for, trick close friend, colleague, with its name and certificate rent car, next person car disappears; The 4th kind is held in the palm namely bilk. Some are factitious save trouble, entrust other to deal with concerned formalities, hold in the palm use opportunity bilk car. Still a few criminals are used hand in hire to accumulate credit to spend on time, after the credit that once win,hires a firm, evaporate with respect to person car, let impossible to defend effectively of a few companies that rent.

Because competition is intense, the company that rent is average not posture contact, a company is cheated to hire, another company is likely also by cheat with same way hire. A lot of companies that rent express to hope to be able to a guild that rent safeguards their rights and interests, strengthen the management to this industry, undertake hitting to the behavior of disturbed market, draft corresponding code to the client violate the rules and regulations case that limits harder. Make industry alliance like insurance company, make illegal element cannot old tactics is applied again.

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