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The industry that rent: Low end the model rents a day to need 160 yuan only

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559 yuan of money can buy a car, the car sells the tremendous change of the market to also rented course of study to bring new challenge to the car. The reporter rented the investigation of the company to show to provincial capital car recently, as a result of illicit home car with each passing day the reason such as grow in quantity, the day of a lot of companies is uneasy, sang Dana, nimble is amounted to wait for a few low end the day hire of the model even relatively dropped two years ago 50% above. On October 25 morning, in Jinan train east a car hires a firm near the station, the reporter referred relevant case. Introduce according to be in charge of a reception lady, this company has many 100 car to be able to offer an alternative, all be came 2003 the model 2006, among them Fu Kang, nimble is amounted to, the low end such as Sangdana model day hire is 160 yuan, model of the high end in handkerchief Sa special grade is 500 yuan, if hire Pasate to must match the driver of this company, inside Jinan city the driver is versed in everyday endowment it is 30 yuan, 50 yuan are outside city. In addition, the renting condition that this company asks still includes: The person that rent must be Jinan this city registered permanent residence (be not this city to need to dweller of this city registered permanent residence is done assure) , offer Id original, cash pledge 5000 yuan, limit of daily travel mileage is 200 kilometers, every exceed one kilometer to add collect rent 1 yuan. This lady expresses, divide " 51 " , " 11 " , outside the holiday such as the Spring Festival, the company has a car to be able to be offerred at any time rental.

The firm is hired in the car of the place such as road of the road austral provincial capital industry, all previous hill, the case that the reporter investigates and this company general interest comparative. The circumstance shows, at present provincial capital car rents hire to reach 550 yuan in 110 yuan everyday commonly between, cash pledge is 3000 yuan or 5000 yuan, a few companies need to add receive generation of violate the rules and regulations to check gold 500 yuan (without violate the rules and regulations the record backs down 45 days a) , high-end model asks to take a driver mostly in.

The information that comes from bureau of Jinan city traffic shows, provincial capital has a car to hire a firm at present many 30. But the reporter discovers in investigation, a few companies that hanging a car to rent fascia are absent this many 30 in, individual is an a piece of table, phone still holds battalion concurrently merely other business, to these the lawful sex of the company cannot decide.

In investigation, the controller of the company of a few cars that rent says frankly the business is not quite good now do. On one hand, car price falls ceaselessly, illicit home car increasingly grow in quantity, pounded the market that rent badly, at ordinary times passenger source is less; On the other hand, hire is reduced ceaselessly, before be like Sangdana two years 2000 everyday hire is in 300 yuan of above, want 160 yuan only now, dropped 50% above. From the client group look, at present provincial capital car is rented in individual, family is being reduced with car scale, business affairs hires car proportion increasing.
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