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Electric travel hires 6 move of the car

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As drive oneself travel is lifted hotly, a lot of people want to use the out outside the festival to drive a journey. The person of not rare driver's license perhaps can choose to hire a car to nod travel to the scenery. Still perhaps understand how to rent a car not quite to hiring the person of car experience, what does the need in the process that rents a car notice, what does the need in use process notice in hire car, appear how to always be solved, the person that wants to rent a car cares possibly to these problems very much. 6 measure that the taxi travels are listed to consult in order to offer everybody below preexistence.

The first pace: Understanding hires car formalities

The formalities that rents a car is answered to understand somewhat above all before renting a car, have number of households and total population of this locality of the place that rent a car normally, the formalities that rents a car still calculates relatively simple. Should supply number of households and total population of Id, driver's license, family only this original, had signed the contract that rent, the cash pledge that gives in a regulation commonly with respect to OK. If be the nonlocal registered permanent residence beyond the place that rent a car, the program will be troubled a lot of, besides offerring original of Id, driver's license, offer the economic mortgage that does not hire car value under place even, still need to Shanghai dweller is made even assure, this original also should supply the Id of security, driver's license and family number of households and total population along with all the others. If be brethren of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreigner, be about to provide the evidence that return country or him passport, foreigner is resident the original of card and Chinese driver's license, also need Shanghai dweller to make at the same time assure.

The 2nd pace: The choice rents car company and the car that suit a travel

The vehicle is chosen namely after the understanding that rent a car. The first, should understand the company that rent to be able to offer the model of the car, car condition first, whether to need in order to decide for personal place. The 2nd, the circumstance such as the renting form that consults this company, hire and require certificate, cash pledge.

The choice hires car firm:

Because procedures of the big company that rent is all ready, model sort and amount and credit respect have larger dominant position, the company hires a car to had better choose big company. The minicar company that rent chooses leeway not only small, cost is not as economic as big company also. A few small companies are in relet is other company car while, often added a few poundage more, accordingly, small company hires car charge to be returned than big company sometimes expensive.

Additional, if the big company that rent takes over 2 years period when the contract of above, can answer commonly the client asks to be buy new car technically, small company can accomplish this not much.
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