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The car company that rent rents a car contract model

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Contract size:

Term paraphrase:

1, rental square: XXX car hires limited company, rent car ownership namely person.

2, bear hire square: Point to according to and rent the square contract that rent agrees, use the unit of the car that rent or individual legally.

3, assure square: Point to for bear hire just rent with the car just sign this contract to be in assure period inside offer irrevocable the unit that assure or individual.

4, the car that rent: According to rents the agreement of the contract, rental just offer bear rent the car with the complete procedure that just uses.

5, car loss: Point to the car that rent lose or be not normal attaint, of the accessory such as tire, tool lose or damage, and the other that causes from this the loss of any respects.

According to " contract law of economy of People's Republic of China " reach other the regulation of relevant law, code, classics both sides talks things over adequately consistent, conclude with respect to matters concerned of the car that rent this contract.

One, the state of the car that rent

The accessory that detailed sees this contract one " the car rents registration form " with accessory 2 " car delivery receipt "

2, of the deadline that rent and hire hand in

The accessory that detailed sees this contract one " the car rents registration form "

3, rental square right and obligation

1, the property that owns the car that rent.

2, be in undermentioned when a kind of any circumstance happening, rental Fang Youquan calls in at any time and place what rent car, already the money of collection does not grant go back.

(1) bear hire just use place to hire car to be engaged in violating guilty activity.

(2) bear hire just rent place car to make over, relet, sell, guaranty, impawn.

(3) bear hire just offer other false circumstance gives likely rental just bring losing.

(4) handle money more than 3 days without renting square written license is defaulted continuously.

(5) bear hire just offer invalid identity, profession, address proves and assure phonily proof.

(6) be engaged in other having caustic car the activity of possessory legitimate rights and interests.

The person that have one of above cases gives out hire what just cause pecuniary loss, bear hire just should make corresponding compensation.

3, do not assume the car that rent at renting during responsibility of caused a third party.

4, the regulation of the according to law of other, code is rental square due the right.

5, in receive bear after hiring square hire and cash pledge of full specified amount, rent place car consign bear hire square, gathering date allows to account or the day that get ready money with check.

6, offer car to answer facility is complete, car in order, cost of travel card, maintain a road and relevant certificate are all ready and effective.
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