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The model that rent a car chooses common sense

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What modern consumption idea transforms is very fast, buy a car not be to one's profit rents a car, what item should notice when renting a car so? Specific say when to have as follows:

1, the function that before renting a car, you answer to understand the model that wants to hire first, the price reachs the place that rent a car to require certificate.

2, you need to leave detailed relevant message when the phone is booked, already had untimely needs.

3, book had better shift to an earlier date 1, 2 days, book the car on the weekend to need to shift to an earlier date 2, 3 days.

4, number of the day that use a car should decide least day number, before if be used not quite,should returning car time ahead of schedule phone relet.

5, when shifting a car, need to carry completely all certificate, voluminous papers wants original.

6, sign again after the should browse a contract carefully content before signing a contract.

7, when sending car and car of the check that return a vehicle, answer to be examined carefully, affirm without by accident hind sign a bill again.

8, drive safe exercise notices when car.

9, once produce an accident, answer to inform relevant section as soon as possible, the accident that must have a policeman decides book or be to install appoint the proof of the meeting, this different is place of insurance manage compensate must proof. Insurance must be in inform for a short while, at latest cannot exceed 24 hours.

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