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Of license plate of car of world each country " for the first time " anecdote (g

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The license plate with the oldest Germany

Munich police gave Baerte the gentleman on April 14, 1899 " Waertebuke " the license plate that car place sends, it is to save the oldest now car license plate, also be the car license plate with the earliest Germany. This license plate is plate of metal of a rectangle, one is written only above " 1 " word.

The United States' earliest license plate

City of American new York implemented license plate code 1901 " code of car of new York city " . The license plate in those days is an aluminium makes disc, the gold coin volume with 50 cent is similar, imprint above have a name, note have " code of car of new York city " a small character. To 1956 the United States set the car license tag of standard measure federally, length is 3048 millimeter, width is 152.4 millimeter.

The license plate with the earliest France

The Parisian police byelaw that promulgated on August 14, 1892, make car brand is changed according to regular system, according to orders provision, all cars must be hanged have a car advocate full name, address and the metallic license plate of the number that register, license plate must be in the car is left the position that can see at any time.

England hangs the car of the first license plate

The car of Na Weiya date of count of the Er that play a place of strategic importance is to be in what registered before christmas 1903. Count get on the first to make his car is hanged, he all night not Mian, morning early drives go registering, obtained the first with 5 seconds first eventually " A " license plate, the method of number of British license plate still is used up to now at that time.

Plate of the first steam is illuminated

The car between Guang Xunian passes Shanghai, to 1912, shanghai shares a car 140. The bureau of the Ministry of Works in feudal China that the Englishman controls at that time uses the curiosity of people, particularly tall to ask a price of the first license plate. Cloud of Hunan of week of peaceful wave huge trade arrives to get the first license plate, be knocked went a large sum of money.

According to license plate pay taxes

Kuwait the phenomenon to solve heavy traffic, reduce a car retain quantity, the license plate duty of the car is along with the registering date of license plate change. License plate number is larger, license plate tax is higher.
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