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The nimble when protecting and FANATEC collaboration roll out PS3/PC steering wh

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911 Turbo S of the nimble when can having to protect this big toy, and to the top of one's bent arbitrary gallop, believe the dream that is a lot of people! Just smooth the price with PORSCHE 911 Turbo look in order to be as high as the price of 200 much RMBs, if want to purchase to protect Shi Jie 911turbo, if do not have particular economic actual strength,believe, you still do not have an opportunity to control certainly foal of this Turbo name, now you have an opportunity with 350 dollars (approximate a RMB 2860 yuan of) , do 911Turbo S of the nimble when protecting... report plays steering wheel host.

Does the flower buy a report 2860 yuan to play steering wheel combination? Worth while? If you see the report that defends Shi Jie 911 Turbo S plays steering wheel to combine, probably it is very worth while that you can feel this fund fails! Enjoy FANATEC of platform periphery big plant and collaboration of the nimble when protecting by famous report, report of manufactures 911 Turbo S of the nimble when protecting plays steering wheel set, can be the high-grade goods of one hundred percent! This group of steering wheel can not be sheet has steering wheel and crural footplate only just, but he preps according to completely the steering wheel model that keeps Shi Jie 911 Turbo S, accordingly he has a H 6 fast hands to discharge lever not merely, footplate group is much also a clutch can walk, even the material wrapping Fu with respect to what connect steering wheel is qualitative, also use with 911 Turbo S of the nimble when protecting the dermal capable person with true same car pledges, that more the footplate group that Biedijin belongs to material to pledge, with that the badge of factory of the nimble when protecting of harbor.

And besides plan to play steering wheel modelling to the report that be no good really besides, his real operation drafts true extent also is first-class of one strong, not only steering wheel itself is had draft true power to pass on a function, still can use even exclusive driver, become the air officer that turns to degree (lowermost rate is the left and right sides each 180 degrees, top rate is each 1 or so) ; And footplate group also is not light walks only follow not to walk just, he also can provide inductive function, basis foot steps on force and degree to make corresponding change! And the habit that H 6 fast hands eliminated to be able to be driven according to the left and right sides, undertake the position is changed besides, configuration distance can prep according to the actual distance that keeps solid car of Shi Jie 911 Turbo S is accurate. Of course! Besides steering wheel itself built-in one fills report but add boat batteries of 100 hours, in order to be used in wireless induction circumstance under besides wireless mode, report of 911 Turbo S of the nimble when protecting plays itself of steering wheel group to be able to support PC and SONY PS3 platform, should play steering wheel group to play game of series of the series of Need For Speed of the computer, BMW M3 Challenge with report of 911 Turbo S of the nimble when protecting so, also or the GT series of PS3, absolutely meeting plays so that comparative satisfy a craving!
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