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Meisaidesi - run quickly 25 years of histories of C class legend

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The graph runs quickly for past dynasties picture of C stage outward appearance

25 years ago, meisaidesi - run quickly rolled out 190 models, the Saidesi that it is a plum - run quickly in the brand best-selling model (C class) be born laid a foundation. So far, meisaidesi - run quickly already to client consign car of class of about 6 million C, caravan and motile litter racing bike. Go up since car of generation C class appeared on the market December 2000 oneself, sales volume has exceeded 1.4 million. Before appearing on the market formally March this year, brand-new the global order of car of generation C class had achieved 60 thousand or so. This shows C class car has become best-selling Meisaidesi - run quickly one of car set.

In 20 centuries 80 time are prime, concerned Meisaidesi - run quickly the news of new model series caused sensation under development E class, brought about a lot of guessing, in media unprecedented drive often with detailed report under, "Young run quickly " the concept is very fast namely world-famous.

This new model is Meisaidesi - run quickly the crystallization after old research, it satisfied the client's desire not only, and for Meisaidesi - run quickly offerred the opportunity that enter new market and wins more and young client. In addition, more and more consumer ask more economic car, and 190 satisfying a car advocate this field requirement while, still confirmed Meisaidesi to common people - run quickly to be mixed in security the high level with comfortable sex peculiar always respect can be in likewise compact model the implementation on the car.

To the car engineer at that time and stylist people, achieving this goal is an enormous challenge, they must be in the passenger security of oily bad news and Meisaidesi, operate a perfect balance is gone after between stability, comfortable sex and quality standard. They developed a new Meisaidesi finally - run quickly car, at the same time length, width and weight compare general Meisaidesi - run quickly intermediate car (W 123) reduces 30 centimeters respectively, mix 280 kilograms 10 centimeters, and average oil bad news is 8.5 litres only / 100 kilometers. This is the inaugurator of car project and technical tide: Meisaidesi - run quickly 190 models.

Run quickly picture of C level history

Develop the technology that faces future and new-style design style

Meisaidesi - run quickly 190 far banner at the times: It grasps supported the most advanced safe idea in be the same as scale model, not only will in front inclined bring into safe system to collision in the center, still deployed prevent uniquely in the model of this level at that time hold Zhang Jin of dead brake system, safety belt in the arms implement wait with safe gasbag. In addition, meisaidesi - run quickly system of the 190 suspension after still taking the lead in applying most advanced at that time much connecting rod to become independent, and the alloy steel material that combines low weight and high strenth character.
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