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History of Feng Tian COROLLA is answered those who put

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● the catchword of the 3rd acting COROLLA

10 generation are classical! History of Feng Tian COROLLA is answered put

"The 3rd acting COROLLA "

Model code " Three-zero " , against the wind and row, altar of car of bound of ascend one's life experience. "After be born at competitive hassle, the final choice of family expenses car. " the model is periodic 1974 ~ 1979 (the model that is in Japan is periodic) , of this model put in cycle to differ somewhat in various places.

● total stylist introduces

10 generation are classical! History of Feng Tian COROLLA is answered put

"Assist assist Mu Zilang "

Violet man of assist assist wood (Shirou Sasaki) : Violet man of assist assist wood joined Feng Tian Motor Corporation 1949, after engineering department holds a post, was in charge of be the same as chassis project of the branch again. The rear overhang that what violet man of assist assist wood is in charge of is CROWN wears the development of system and PUBLICA suspension system. 1963, after Mu Zilang turns into product layout room, Zunzun begins to growing Guchuanlongxiong (the development total chief of generation COROLLA) the development that COROLLA supports below guidance. From the 2nd generation COROLLA rises, violet Langji of assist assist wood allowed to grow Guchuanlongxiong (when hold the post of deputy room of product layout room to grow) the duty that fulfils chief engineer. Since 1971, the development whole process that assist assist Mu Zilang participates in the 3rd acting COROLLA with the identity of chief engineer.

● the development of the 3rd acting COROLLA

Mu Zilang says the Zunzun of development total chief of the 3rd acting COROLLA: "The final choice that this generation COROLLA is family expenses car " . The 3rd acting COROLLA, having the safety that can rival with photograph of higher level car and comfortability, the element with carrying family expenses car the most important however -- Gao Shuiping's economy. This new Che Chao jumped over strict environmental protection to discharge a standard, make the high-tech level of COROLLA gets a whole world approbate. The 3rd acting COROLLA, with its Gao Shui's accurate whole function, high quality won Japanese home and whole world with dependability the honorary title of popular model. Its abroad and famous degree especially tall, export volume growth is rapid, year export volume achieves 300000 above. Enjoy extremely tall beauty as a result of the fame of COROLLA and product itself praise degree, this new model made the international model that represents Japan gradually.
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