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The car certificate that register is put in the car inside the car to borrow ali

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Car advocate hire alien the other side to open old car to trade through the friend market change the name of owner in a register clinchs a deal valence 70 thousand yuan --

Hire a car to give others in the morning, love car was left to sell to old car market that day. Car advocate Ms. Xu says, she waits for the car certificate that register a head puts formalities inside the car, left an opportunity given by to the person.

Ms. Xu is amounted to at buying nimble of a gray 2004 (video of chart of data of plan of site of special subject parameter) car. On April 10 early in the morning, she rented the car a gentleman of surname model through the friend, agree midday remands below that day. However, model the gentleman did not return a vehicle, sold the car to old car market however.

"He says a car transfer ownership in the phone, let me need not be in charge of. " Ms. Xu says, she was checked from car canal subsequently trade place.

Yesterday afternoon, ms. Xu showed a piece of when take from the market two handcart to sell the photocopy of bill to the reporter, show above: Her car already was given a lady that makes Liu Huiping with 70 thousand yuan price change the name of owner in a register. The date of conduction formalities was on April 10.

Ms. Xu says, decorating in her home, wait for the registering certificate of car and travel card accordingly put in the car, there still is photocopy of a piece of oneself old id card in the car.

"I myself did not show up, they can give transfer ownership my car by what ah! " she says furiously, the market just expresses at that time model the procedure that the gentleman offers is all ready, still have her a power of attorney.

This morning, ms. Xu tells a reporter, she prepares to forensic to lodge a complaint, apply for to make handwriting identification, forge in order to prove a power of attorney is. But model the gentleman tells a reporter in the phone, he has evidence to prove the car is him, oneself have authority to deal with.

The market just is responded to

Formalities is all ready the person that sell a car has a power of attorney

Beijing old motor vehicle trades vise general manager tells the Liu Hualin of market limited company the reporter, motor vehicle conduction change the name of owner in a register needs to check car, car to register certificate, travel this, bilateral Id, if car advocate be less than the spot, need to be written by client a piece of a power of attorney. "When the car of Ms. Xu is dealing with formalities of change the name of owner in a register, by client have a power of attorney. " Liu manager expresses, formalities of their change the name of owner in a register does not have the place of any improper. The reporter puts forward to examine, but the demand that Liu manager rejected a reporter.
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