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So that improve air quality,Beijing will restrict illicit home car

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"I am handed in every year raise bridge of travelling expenses, road together to expend, but begin from last year, the policy that advocates illicit home car to be restricted to go is increasing. " the office worker that Mr Zhang of Beijing is a POLO, the unit is apart from a 15 kilometers. His colleague does not care to this, think to just restrict governmental car at present.

According to the report, BOCOG was announced recently will be in August 7 to 20 days between plan of environmental protection of try out Olympic Games, restrict governmental car start off, advocate social car as far as possible little start off, the lash-up such as the traffic of period of drilling Olympic Games, environmental protection ensures measure. At the appointed time, predicting Beijing will reduce 1 million cars to go out row.

Be restricted car start off is expedient

Du Shaozhong of deputy director general of bureau of Beijing environmental protection expresses, the objective reason that air quality drops is adverse weather condition and burn aerosol of straw of a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top, but main reason or Beijing contaminant discharge a level tall, especially the tail gas of motor vehicle is discharged.

Du Shaozhong thinks: If every Beijing car stops every months,sail a day, the contaminant gross that motor vehicle discharges will reduce many tons 3600, beijing motor vehicle discharges contaminant gross one year to will reduce 44 thousand tons.

According to statistic, up to by this year May, the car of Beijing has a quantity to break through 3 million, predict 2008, the motor vehicle of Beijing retains the quantity will achieve 3.5 million.

The expert of resource of Hua Dong Normal University and environmental academy of sciences thinks, start off of limitative motor vehicle can regard lash-up as measure only, blame is long plan. On one hand, in light of the angle that develops from the city, restricting motor vehicle to develop is not real issue; On the other hand, car tail gas discharges one of causes that just cause urban air pollution, can reduce environmental harm through executing strict tail gas to discharge a standard.

Area monitoring needs to invest support

"Actually drag in goes to air quality problem a lot of problems in national construction " , the environmental expert of Hua Dong Normal University thinks so. Construction building site produces unripe Yang Chen, of enterprise contaminant discharge, and whether efficient the ground uses the sources of energy, produce more main, immediate effect to urban air quality.

Environmental protection total bureau corrupt Li Xinmin of controller accusing department says: "Control motor vehicle tail gas to discharge on one hand, undertake to the establishment such as gas station, oil tank oil gas reclaims on the other hand transform, the key that is next jobs. the key that is next jobs..

As we have learned, total bureau of national environmental protection already with in oil, medium two big Petroleum Company reach petrifaction consensus, the gas station that visits the urban district to Beijing and periphery by two big Petroleum Company and oil tank are administered integratedly.
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