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Steam writes a contract: Bear long just must not use " in long car "

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A car of Beijing advocate before send the car to to repair plant maintenance before long, when the result receives a car, discover odograph compares much before travel 200 much kilometers, then with repair a factory to have negotiation, but the answer that did not get satisfaction. Be aimed at this kind of problem, 16 days those who announce " contract of Beijing vehicle maintenance and repair " demonstrative text asks for an opinion to stalk of grain to set clearly, henceforth, bear long just receive oneself wait for long car to hand in entrust to repair to complete square before, divide maintenance or examine outside the purpose, must not employ in long car, otherwise bear long just wait for oil plants of compensation of according to the set price immediate loss, cause what the car damages or discard as useless, should be in charge of repairing and recoup a loss.

By Beijing industrial and commercial bureau and Beijing carry management board basis " contract law " and " motor vehicle maintenance administers a regulation " those who wait for relevant law laws and regulations to draft " contract of Beijing vehicle maintenance and repair " demonstrative text asks for an opinion to stalk of grain to still set, bear long just must not use fake fittings maintains a car, because of bear repair the fittings account that just offers to create maintenance quality problem, bear repair square agree to carry liability to pay compensation; Did not sign and issue " complete leaves factory certificate of approval " the car does not get consign to use, hold in the palm repair Fang Youquan to refus break off relations is expended or receive a car; Assure in quality period inside, motor vehicle repairs what still cannot use normally twice because of same breakdown or maintenance project classics, motor vehicle maintains an enterprise to ought to be in charge of contacting other motor vehicle to maintain an industry, assume repair charge accordingly; If bear long just did not issue bill of standard close an account, maintenance by the regulation settle accounts detailed list or man-hour cost and cost of raw materials fill in not clear, hold in the palm repair Fang Youquan to reject to pay upkeep costs.

Current, beijing car retains the quantity exceeds 3 million, enterprise of vehicle maintenance and repair exceeds 5500. Because course of study of vehicle maintenance and repair still exists to be not had without card,illuminate manage, use in maintenance fake opaque, breakdown diagnoses process of fittings, maintenance content of bill of not clear, exaggerated breakdown, contract obligation of too simple, right is incorrect wait for a problem, cause dispute of vehicle maintenance and repair to show ascendant trend. The statistical data that Chinese consumer society publishs makes clear, the car that society of countrywide various consumer heard 2006 kind complain rose compared to the same period 15. 9 % , in the amplitude in all complaining row the 3rd, and vehicle maintenance and repair held among them very large proportion again.
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