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10 traffic civilian new measure is carried out since 7 years July 1

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Rose July 1, 10 new measure begin to carry out, among them the most conspicuous is motor vehicle after discarding as useless, motor vehicle everybody can apply for to continue to use number of original order brand by the regulation.

10 step are concrete content:

Police officer of be on duty for the day is set in unit of place of policeman team, registration of vehicles, trouble removal, accept masses to seek advice, complain;

Adopting a section of a highway that restricts the measure such as current, no entry temporarily and billabong crossing, create mark pointing to a road, inform the matter that masses limits, time and circuitous route;

The branch that make a valve should escape to traffic cause trouble the victim of the case and circumstance of progress of job of its relative bulletin;

Of lawful to issueing motor vehicle valid proof, proof or qualification of exam of driver's license applicant, conduction time limit of car canal place is shortened by 5 weekday for 2 weekday;

In car canal place and conditional motor vehicle safe inspection agency establishs traffic to violate processing window;

To motor vehicle exceed the time limit did not attend safe technology to examine or driver's license period of efficacy was not changed completely get, drive person exceed the time limit did not refer body condition to prove, car canal is wanted to social announcement;

Through the computer number name piles up motor vehicle of open and automatic choice, by 2 number choosing 1 increases to choose 1 for at least 5 number;

After motor vehicle discards as useless, motor vehicle everybody can apply for to continue to use number of original order brand by the regulation;

Drive because the person takes military service, go abroad (condition) wait for a reason, cannot refer body condition on schedule proof, change those who get motor vehicle driver's license, can apply for delay;

In the driver's license deputy page is printed change the clew sign such as the time that gets a driver's license to perhaps refer body condition to prove the next time.

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