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New policy hopeful aids derv car to break through development " bottleneck "

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Latter, derv car can say in domestic development is irresistible. Advanced before long Shanghai car is exhibited on, divide like Hua Tai car outside enterprises of such dynamic of dedicated all the time derv, the international car tycoon such as the masses, Feng Tian, Ao Di also showed the derv car that uses latest technology respectively. Investigate its reason, the reporter thinks, the government intensifies coming on stage encourage derv car to develop policy, rose to the market undoubtedly " catalysis " action.

Be in early 2003, total bureau of national environmental protection is releasing " derv car arranges policy of pollution prevention technique " in put forward clearly, "The country adopts the economic policy such as favourable taxation, produce and use what encourage the derv car that reachs a country to discharge a standard ahead of schedule and car to use derv engine product " . 2004, national hair changes appoint promulgate " automobile industry develops policy " , put forward to want " technology of car of key development mixture power and technology of car derv engine " ; 2005, national hair changes appoint as collective as ministry of science and technology organization drafts " outline of policy of Chinese energy-saving technology " ask for opinion draft, put forward again " should encourage development energy-saving model car and derv car " . And this year on two meetings, automobile industry " own innovation " and " energy-saving environmental protection " more in the governmental working report that appears in Premier Wen Jiabao, become representing to heat up the topic that discuss extensively.

Because people is subjective,go up keep the derv car noise that keep big, risk the backward impression with black smoke, low power, derv car cannot get popular all the time in home. Up to now, the big city such as Beijing, Guangzhou still restricts derv car start off. In fact, derv engine course is improved more than 20 years ceaselessly, not only relatively section of gasoline engine of the quantity that be the same as a platoon is oily 15% to 30% , and compound of hydrogen of discharged carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other and harmful gas decrease 45% . Somebody has calculated such brushstroke Zhang, beijing has about 60 thousand taxis, day of every average travel 250 kilometers, in order to install gasoline engine 100 kilometers oily bad news 9.7 litres, oily bad news calculates outfit derv engine 5.6 litres, if the taxi of Beijing changes his costume or dress entirely derv engine, will save fuel every year 220 million litres. According to current oil price computation, can save oily cost every year 1.22 billion multivariate.

Numerous urge policy come on stage, had revealed the capacious prospect that develops derv car for Trade Fair of domestic car plant. However, derv car should be popular in home, especially advanced derv technology popularizes application, still expecting more and realistic policy come on stage and carry out.

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