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Beijing will be carried out in the round 2008 discharge a standard

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Rise this month, the light-duty car of all countrywide types will begin to carry out the country that is equivalent to Europe III discharging a standard III standard. To reaching a nation only the car of Ⅱ standard, since July 1, 2008, our country will stop to its are sold and be registered in the round register.

Because Beijing has shifted to an earlier date two years to carry out a country,III discharges a standard, will take the lead in carrying out a country in the whole nation next year so Ⅳ standard.

Total bureau of national environmental protection releases a message to say last week, the pollutant discharge standard of national motor vehicle that is equivalent to Europe III standard will begin to carry out inside countrywide limits.

According to the country III standard asks, since July 1, 2007, all new finalize the design the type approve that light-duty car must accord with the regulation in the standard discharges the requirement that is restricted to be worth, stop to be opposite reach a nation only Ⅱ standard is light the examination of the car, since July 1, 2008, must stop pair of countries in the round Ⅱ standard reachs his to sell and be registered of the following and light-duty car register.

Each car production companies should transfer one before June 30, 2008 year period the platoon makes Neigelian, entrance plan, ensure to stop to make before June 30, 2008, import this kinds of car.

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