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Jing of two handcart city shows Europe of large quantities of alpha collect rice

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The message that comes from each respect makes clear, what Feiyate is about to cooperate to roll out its banner to fall in China with strange luck is medium advanced litter runs -- alpha Luo Miou. The likelihood is the price after stemming from a country to produce is sure to move small account, at present cars of large quantities of Europe of entrance collect rice on old car market advocate desire its undersell.

This classical Italian car brand of Europe of respecting alpha Luo Mi, the affirmation that everybody thinks of above all is 156, this car is Europe of alpha Luo Mi most the model that introduces home first, one original batch comes to controlled an import 1999 mostly home, current entrance price is controlled for 400 thousand yuan.

Europe of alpha Luo Mi 156 it is one of models that company sales volume has compared Feiyate, its were rolled out at Lisbon on October 9, 1997. At present home sells 156 carried 2 litres to list 4 crocks of engine continuously, can output 121 kilowatt most the biggest torque of high-power and 203 oxen rice.

Although be on European market, the model of Europe of alpha Luo Mi all the time famous with athletic style, and it is exclusive and OK the motility car that with BMW 3 departments contend, but this brand is compared in domestic destiny and BMW photograph is to differ however very far. Alpha likes athletic style Romeo is unknown to public only all the time to those and the youth place that do sth unconventional or unorthodox is doted on, but after all the trademark of oneself is well-known degree finite, and the model that imports home is onefold, this also caused the sale of model of Europe of alpha Luo Mi in home is not very good situation.

Be in Europe at present the market, europe of alpha Luo Mi 159 had appeared on the market, so later the entrance of 156 can assure Europe of alpha Luo Mi still very it's hard to say. And new model appears on the market, a lot of people affirm when to be willing to wait for 159 entrances, be bought again, and Feiyate is in will be in China namely homebred the model that turn is 159. So to 156 so " outdated " for the product, car advocate quick usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price is no wonder also.

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