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Put in forehead of car of 7500 Shanghai illicit to spend this month all valence

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After achieving historical apogee, forehead of passenger car of private this month, private enterprise is spent bid sale price appears eventually fall after a rise. Yesterday, reporter from be located in An Ting two handcart trade the illicit car forehead inside the market spends auction scene to understand, because this auction puts in forehead of 7500 illicit car to spend in all this month, mark a price in lowest this month and win the bid on average price all appeared to drop, mix 46581 yuan for 45200 yuan respectively. Win the bid on average valence although the record that than getting on month of 47711 yuan Shanghai illicit car the forehead spends auction history to go up drops somewhat, but still be the history the 2nd tall that month all valence.

Before this, what forehead of Shanghai illicit car spends is highest that month all valence, will decide 45492 yuan when case patted in April 2004 all the time for years.

Win the bid on average price drops 1130 yuan

Since this year, as the growth that the car consumes, the demand that Shanghai field spends to illicit car forehead also increases subsequently. Only the illicit car forehead of Shanghai is spent first half of the year this year put in a quantity to grow 3700 than last year, maladjusted supply demand relations makes the forehead spends the illicit car this year to be in all the time 40 thousand yuan of above, and with every months 89 yuan go up a growth. Be in last month, forehead of car of the illicit on Shanghai spends the comes 8 years apogee after bidding sale price achieved this city to carry out illicit car forehead to spend abysmal price to auction from 2000 even, mark a price in lowest 47200 yuan, win the bid on average valence 47711 yuan.

With compared in June, illicit car forehead spends lowest to win the bid this month price dropped 2000 yuan, win the bid on average price dropped 1130 yuan. To this, market personage thinks, because illicit car forehead is spent this month,basically be put in a quantity taller, achieve 7500, this also is illicit car forehead spends an auction only month puts in a quantity highest on the history. "The 7500 supply demand relations that puts in a quantity to make the market tight gets tension a little, the price is reduced also do not give expect, " an agency says.

Prevent dealer representative car advocate bid

In addition, in the limit of makes dealer representative car advocate acting phenomenon, the auction returns a regulation all right, yesterday morning 9 when to 12 when head for An Ting Shanghai the contest that two handcart market bids auction scene bids buys a person must by him Id, hold bid card, password enter the spot to bid. Industry thinks, this action also is helpful for auctioning the fall after a rise of the price. Before this, to sell a car as soon as possible, agency is helping a car advocate when the representative sends a card, often meet in order to need in the price bids, this goes up to walk along high illicit car specified number to spend add fuel to the fire ceaselessly for Shanghai.
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