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Beijing: Sale of new first half of the year car defeats price of 200 thousand tw

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2007 countrywide car information combines a news briefing to go up first half of the year, car of Ya Yun Cun trades Su Hui of market general manager discloses, car of Beijing of before this year 6 months (new car) sale achieves 209802, among them 78.71% what the car occupies total sales about, sell 165136 in all, grow 8.71% compared to the same period.

In the meantime, two handcart trade the quantity also is in rapid growth, 1-6 month trades the quantity achieved 170 thousand, it is with the scale of new car sales volume 1: 0.85. According to this one increase rate, hopeful of sales volume of annual new car breaks through Beijing this year 420 thousand, 1/20 what take sales volume of countrywide new car; Two handcart trade the quantity will achieve 350 thousand or so.

Although sales volume is astonishing, but in fact, the growth range of sales volume of Beijing field car already lagged behind at amplitude to exceed the countrywide level of 20% far this year. According to statistic, before last year 10 months, amplitude of Beijing car sale is 4% , now year ago 6 months, also be only 8.71% . One analysis personage thinks, beijing car sale will enter a low speed to increase period from this.

From statistic the number can see, beijing car market appeared first half of the year a few new characteristics.

   SmallPlatoon quantityMiniature car is encountered cold

Although " be restricted small " policy already last year the end of the year cancels, but sales volume of small car of what Beijing field 1.0L controls is small quantity does not go up to fall instead however, appeared to glide apparently after the Spring Festival this year trend. According to statistic, beijing field 1.0L discharged quantity and the following miniature car sales volume to glide first half of the year this year at least 25% , and countrywide the corresponding period also dropped 11.67% . "This is the consumptive behavior with a kind of benign blame, be worth to take seriously highly. " inferior Guo Yong of center of information of city business affairs expresses.

With in couplet car market is exemple, heibei of Hua Jiangzhong meaning, prosperous fights Ha Feisong the star of star and Chang'an 3 old small cars before respective sales volume is in every month 60 go to 70, but mixed this year in May there are 30 or so only severally in June, and auspicious wait for a model with Xiali glide very apparent also.

Su Hui expresses, keep stable relatively besides oil price, did not rise continuously and Beijing OBD policy brings about a large number of miniature to the car is deferred or abandon be into Beijing substandard outside the element, consumptive concept of the person also is a main factor, "Beg new, beg big, beg class, demand privilege, seek name tagvisiting card " psychology is in Beijing the expression on consumer body is gotten particularly apparent, and miniature car place does not have these demands.

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