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Two handcart city can handle plate card on September 1

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As new model roll out ceaselessly, more and more consumer begin to enter phase of two handcart displacement, a lot of users begin to contact two handcart to trade for the first time, without giving thought to how, of two handcart trade the volume is rising with each passing day.

The reporter was in recently Gansu Province is secondhand the car trades the understanding when the market is interviewed arrives, begin from September 1, motor-car of two mobile phones trades the market can handle card of motor vehicle card, this one information proves, two handcart market will serve more comprehensive ground for consumer henceforth.

Spring of two handcart market came

"Almost everyday new car appears on the market now, old model also is to keep depreciating, who dare still buy new car, come now the person half above of the market is to see two handcart. " Gansu Province is secondhand the car trades an administrator tells the market the reporter so.

In Gansu Province two handcart trade the Li Li that the market sees a car tells a reporter: "The small now car that discharge an amount became rare matter, drive up buys valence to be bought very hard, who the store up in the hand is worn now goods, who is appropriate. " stock falls, demand increases, certainly will drives those who buy the price to rise, like the electric gush 2000 abstruse develop contest sells clinch a deal valence can be achieved 2. 30 thousand yuan. The expert inside course of study is forecasted, small value that estimates two handcart will go high continuously, become the protagonist of two handcart market.

Begin professional work of new car replacement when numerous car company and door front courtyard is desolate today, with old easy the new style that old two handcart displacement is making old car market gradually. It is better to purchase property now old car opens period of time to change to the market again " new old car " , this kind with old easy old phenomenon is rising more on two handcart market. The personage inside course of study points out, the grow in quantity of old car business, the sense that shows customer is maturing, the choice trades this kind of mode is more a few drive age longer, understand particularly car, actual, pay attention to car the middleaged consumer of economic performance, they do not seek beautiful, fashionable external form, what pay attention to more is sexual price is compared.

Two handcart trade will rise continuously

Connect the newest statistic of association according to Chinese steam wagon flow, two handcart of our country traded 2006 the quantity is achieved 190. 590 thousand, grow 31 compared to the same period. 5 % . This is our country amplitude of two handcart sale exceeds new car the 3rd year to sell amplitude continuously.

Two handcart of our country sold new car of amplitude prep above 2006 6. 27 percent. But, two handcart trade the quantity is equivalent to only in those days 26 of new car sales volume. 4 % . The last few years, as new car grow in quantity and transfer the development that gens enlarged  quickly to stimulate two handcart to trade. An investigation that place of website of some car major makes shows: The customer that our country had 19 % 2007 has buy car intention first, in having car a group of things with common features 18. The person of 8 % has the intention that buy a car 2 times. Another investigation thinks market of  China car will be entered this year " displacement times " , the car of 41 % advocate the near future has transfer intent. The personage inside course of study thinks, of two handcart market active the growth that is sure to drive new car to sell makes include two handcart inside Chinese car market extends increasingly.
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