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Urumqi, the "black car" rampant second-hand automobile market with the fire

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March 27, Ding Derong to more than 4 months ago to buy second-hand car to the Eastern District of Urumqi meter remittance market ready to sell used cars, selling cars not because of poor vehicle condition, but would like to switch to other living.

Day, and Ding Derong as "years ago, years after a car sold" to many people.

As the largest used car distribution center in Xinjiang, Urumqi meters East correspondent, general manager of second-hand car market Xin He told reporters that in recent times from the opening situation, the market for a variety of used cars for sale over 4000 when the highest number of

Vehicles, more than one-third over the same period in previous years. In excess of the vehicles at the recent Spring Festival eve of the car and selling cars, about 400, an amount much higher than in previous years.

On why, among the words from the Ding Derong can get some idea. Ding Derong told reporters that he was ready to hand a card on the Santana 2001 sedans, from the outside, the car maintained well. This car is going

In mid-November from Amoy to second-hand car market, coupled with the time of transfer fees, transaction fees, spent a total of 3.7 million, he has spent 4,000 yuan to install a gas tank Changji.

"Burn much gas province, could save at least half the cost of fuel." Ding Derong said the car, he and his family travel more convenient, leisure and sports Shihai run out.

"This year the winter cold, many people ride, the day, a good time to get 300 yuan, bad luck can earn a hundred dollars when a winter down, making twenty thousand or so." Ding Derong said on the shot the price

Grid, he was confident, "was asked several times, the vehicle is not difficult to sell 41,000 yuan."

And Ding Derong, as is also the owner of Ma Yumin early December last year, second-hand car market from Amoy to return to the market opening of Santana, the original 1.7 million to buy the car ready to sell 1.5 million, "ran the winter, 2,000 yuan

And earn a post early on, to buy a winter. "Ma Yumin said.

The reporter learned from the old motor vehicle market in Urumqi Sai Bote and Hualing second-hand car market brokerage companies have found that some second-hand car, so a few people selling cars, most recently before the Spring Festival was often driving to the store to buy a used car

To price selling cars, more than twice more than before, while the price of such cars more than 5 million or less.

The industry said that owners of most of these short-term trading of soliciting business in the winter, with the return of warmer weather, snow and ice melt, the capital of the public convenience, such a serious car market shrinking, the original earned 300 yuan a day now

Earned 100 yuan is immune, then select the part of owners selling cars out of the market temporarily, until the winter comeback.