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Turn of the year used vehicle trading volume in Urumqi, "shrink"

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Turn of the year, the once thriving second-hand car trading Urumqi cooling. Information from the local market, said since the end of last year, second-hand car trading volume significantly "shrunk", in January and some businesses never even opened.

Among the many second-hand automobile market expectations, "warming" of the agent, the Tin Man's condition representative. According to Tin Man, the recent visit the small number of second-hand car market, trading has continued to slump more than a month. Especially

Since January of this year, used car sale of a substantial decrease. A month ago, the shop where he can easily deal 10 vehicles per month, the peak for one week to sell 4; and recently two weeks since the average weekly trading volume of less than one

Vehicles. Displacement of 1.6 liters and below the last used cars in short supply, but now almost no one is interested.

By auto market slump, decline in trading volume effect, Urumqi, now part of second-hand car prices start to fall. According to dealers revealed that the top version of the Mazda 6 sedan car (2.3 liters) selling price in the used car market is about

18 million, compared with the beginning of the year, 5,000 yuan lower per vehicle.

Analysis of a number of second-hand car dealers, used car sales from Urumqi to hot little interest, mainly due to small displacement car sales in 2009 of popular, a lot of tourists are streaming, making the used car supply is relatively saturated

. In addition, consumers have worried about the quality of used cars, auto market is also an important reason for the cold case.

And sales cool contrast, many used cars are still a large number of car service companies. Analysis of a dealer, said used-car business busy car there are three main reasons: First, after the Spring Festival peak sales for the stocking; Second,

Owners eager to sell to take advantage of low-priced transactions, to earn a greater difference; third option is to give customers more used cars.