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Urumqi Trident area used-car market to win

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Relocation of the old motor vehicle market field, Xinjiang's largest used-car market has thus concluded its historic mission. At the same time, Urumqi meters East correspondent opened second-hand car market, this will become the Northwest's largest

Old motor vehicle market won the "baton."

Remittance market, according to the relevant responsible person, the original racetrack Li-Xin, general manager of the old motor vehicle market introduction, remittance market will soon finalize the plans is expected to be completed in July. The market will design a door, the car will do the ground area

Hardening, refining division of parking spaces, and install the monitoring system.

At present, the remittance market has drawn the cart area, car zone, new car sales area and other areas. City learned that the Chinese used car, there are 10 new car and used car companies stationed in the company. Book shops have more than 30

It is understood that the last two weeks of the remittance market every trading day of the vehicles involved in the transaction up to 1800 or so, sets the scene a few more races but the car is far from popular Racecourse Wong. A new market needs time to cultivate.