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Shanghai Cheng New Used Car Management Co Ltd was formally established

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October 28, 2010 Today, the Shanghai Automotive Industry Sales Co., Ltd., General Motors (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai General Motors joint venture to create the "Shanghai Cheng limited new used car management Company "formally announced the establishment of the investment rates were 34%, 33% and 33%, which is the establishment of the first domestic brand used-car joint venture. Ye Yongming, chairman of Shanghai Automotive Industry Sales Co., General Motors (China) Kevin E. Wale, president and general manager and general manager of Shanghai GM Ding attended the inaugural ceremony. As the first brand used-car joint venture, the new company will be "honest new used car" brand hypermarkets form the main business State and business entities, is committed to playing a most brands of domestic value, service the best and most complete second-hand car trading and service platform to provide consumers with intimate, assured, professional and convenient used car service. Shanghai Cheng New Used Car Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai General Motors, based on outstanding reputation "sincerity New Used Car" brand, and created a vehicle plant in the country used car supermarkets in brand new mode of operation, reflecting the Steam Group, General Motors and Shanghai GM in China flexible use of capital cooperation, diversified services business in new expansion. Shanghai General Motors Shanghai General Manager and a new used car Prudential Management Company Ltd. Ding said: "Shanghai General Motors to integrate multiple resources, and branding, standardization, scale of the operation of the advantages of high potential opportunities for leveraging the market, to move into this new blue ocean business chain links, not only reflect the Shanghai GM's strategic foresight and business model innovation, but also will promote the healthy development of the domestic second-hand car market. " As the field of second-hand car is a major innovative features, new used cars Shanghai Prudential Management Company Limited will work with Shanghai GM's best distributors around the country build "a new used car sincere" brand a hit Field, covering the acquisition of used cars, preparation, renovation, certification, sales, auctions, service and other aspects of the whole business chain. Existing domestic used car market to provide space, services to attract brokers to enter, make Rent and different modes of payment transaction procedures, "Cheng New Used Car" brand supermarkets are directly engaged in the used car business operating entity, vehicle manufacturers and distributors complement each other in order to achieve the brand, standardization, large-scale operation Camp's unique advantages. In addition, each store will become the regional "Honesty new used car" dealers in the training base and information resource exchange center, in the "new used car sincerity" of the marketing activities, branding, customer service and other aspects will play an important benchmark for example. Root According to business planning, Beijing, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Shandong and other economically developed areas will become the "new used car sincere" brand hypermarkets in the first pilot areas. The new company plans to build four stores in 2011 and put into operation, and Planning the formation of the next 5 years about 20 used car stores network. Currently used-car market due to lack of a sound trading system of norms, leading to second-hand car trading behavior is not standardized, transparent, market development experience "good faith" bottleneck. Shanghai Cheng New Used Car Management Co., Ltd. Will be fully absorbed and digested General Motors advanced management experience of used cars and advantages of integrating the localization of SAIC, Shanghai GM, with a deep understanding of the Chinese market and the "new used car sincerity," the profound influence of the brand Starting point and enter the used car market. By upgrading and improving the "new used car Cheng" brand certification and after-sales quality assurance system, a new used car Cheng Shanghai Management Co., Ltd. will provide consumers with honest, professional, high quality Services, to further promote the health of the domestic second-hand car market to grow and become bigger and stronger.