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After purchasing a used car to teach you five steps to complete maintenance

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Many people have bought a second hand car to take care of some of the new car, but how the link from which to start, insiders are few. To this end, used car professionals suggest that second-hand cars have been driving because a certain mileage, so After the purchase, first from the security aspects. 1. Replace engine oil and oil used-car grid after the first purchase to replace "liquid", such as oil, gear oil, brake fluid, radiator cooling water. Must also replace the oil-for-oil grid, to ensure that oil is not blocked by impurities. 2. For gearbox oil gearbox oil is the most easily overlooked. After purchasing a used vehicle should be replaced in line with factory specifications, gearbox oil, which for more than 5 years of age of the vehicle the car is especially important. The case of a rear-drive, you should "end banquet oil" a And replace. 3. For Cam belt and water pump for 5 years or age of the vehicle mileage has reached 70,000 kilometers above the vehicle, the most prudent approach is to put the new Cam belt, but also to be replaced water pump and belts, can be saved a lot of expenses. 4. Check the tires such as tires new tires should have been abrasive to ensure safety. Some may have not replaced the tire 3,4 years, while seemingly new tire is still a net or deep grooves, but might have hardened gum, tires can not provide Proper grip capability. 5. In addition to frequent steam cleaning car cleaning, steam deep cleansing, but also need to be disinfected and wiped with negative ion air purification and other steps can smell all the various drain. Of course, in some formal second-hand car business Establishments and their cars are sold through the multiple processes of care and maintenance, consumers can save a lot of maintenance costs.